Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I finally shot some pics of some of my flea market finds last Sunday. The linen piece with the gorgeous lace I took to sewing to show the girls and they all said you are not going to cut that up are you. They made me promise I would find somewhere to use it rather than cut it. It is linen with the wide lace around it. I put it on the glass kitchen table but had to use the flash and could not get a great image of the whole piece because of shadows. It did show up the lace. The one design looks like 2 mermaids with wings and the other is a face with wings. It measures 30" across. It cost $2.00. When I asked I thought she would say something like 25.00 or 20.00 and it would have been worth it.

Next is a pretty dresser tray with violets to hold perfume bottles or jewellery.
The small silver dish is only silverplate but good because it has the heft to it that the cheap stamped stuff you buy now does not have. I think the tray was 2.00 also and the silver 1.00. I bought some other stuff but did not photo them. A bunch of hankies and lace pieces that were on a table with everything $1.00. I had better start sewing again and start using some of these lace pieces. I have visions of someday doing an all lace piece.

Today was our monthly lunch day with the gals down our end of the street. We only had 12 because a lot of the snow birds have flown north already. More are leaving this weekend and some next weekend like us. Had a great lunch at The Goblin Market in Mt. Dora. Probably consistently the best food in town. Never an empty seat. We left at 2 and people were still coming in. Well thats it for today gals and guys. I am starting to pack up and I will ship some of the cartons home probably Sat.

I had to enter these pics about 5 times and now they are out of order and one shows up twice. It would enter 1 then come back and say they couldn't enter them to retry. I kept retrying and this kept happening. Good old blogger. Well they are finally up. I shouldnot complain. It is a free service.


Maggi said...

What lovely finds and that lace is so gorgeous. I hope you grabbed it and ran before the vendor could change her mind.

Lisa Boni said...

What a gorgeous piece of lace! Lovely find!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What is it about lace that attracts us and makes us want to possess it, and then,once we have it, refuses to let us cut into it?

Susan Elliott said...

You are one lucky girl!!

Vicki Boster said...

What lovely flea market treasures - those vintagge linens and necklaces are wonderful! I see that you also (like me!!!) love to go shopping at the flea.