Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flea Market Find

I almost did'nt go to the flea market today as this is Harv's fishing tournament weekend but they start early and he was home at 2.30. Considering it is only 5 minutes away I decided to take a quick run over. Just before I left last year I saw miniature African violets for the first time. I didn't buy them because I was leaving the next week but after I thought I should have and taken a couple home as they are so tiny. 2" pots. Well I have been looking all winter and finally my plant guy told me one day that he thought he could get me some. Well he has and I bought 3 to see how they would survive and then decided to get more to take home as little gifts. I wasn't there last weekend and we are nearing the end of our weekends left so thought I had better run over. I am glad I did because he had some but not much selection. I got a tiny little violet flower and a ruffled white one with green tinges. They are just so sweet to look at them. I was wondering around the antique side because this is the 3rd. weekend when they have outside dealers on the antique side. My usual run is to the flea market side where the plant guy is and where I get my fruits and vegs. Well I found the cutest hanging bird cage with 3 glass holders in which you could put plants or candles. I couldn't resist that of course.
It is now hanging in the sun room and 3 of my little violet plants fit just nice in the little pots. I took some pics and in the pic I used the macro so the plants look larger then they are. Measure across 2" and that will show you.
I also found a stack of my pink & white British Castle large plates. There were 9 of them. I asked the price and he said he would give me a bargain at 60.00. Now I know this is a very fair price for them as they sell on ebay (if you can find them) for usually 10.00 a plate. These were in like new condition. I said no and walked away. I walked around and then had my keys out going back to the car and I passed him again. I thought well I will make him an offer and all he can say is no. I offered him 40.00 and he grabbed it. I assume things had been very slow today and they were selling things low just to make enough money to cover their costs, etc. I don't feel too sorry for him because they buy a lot of this stuff at house sales and he could have paid 1.00 each and was still making a nice profit. I will keep you posted on how my little violets do when I get them home.

My daughter told me everything is coming up in her yard and all the tulips are up. Grandpa's lungwart is a large swath of pink & purple flowers. Last year I bought a rhubarb root and she planted it way out in her garden at the back of the yard. She probably hasn't been way back there but I bet if it survived it should be coming up also. Harv and I both love strawberry-rhubarb pie and I freeze it for that. Down in Florida I can buy frozen rhubarb at the Pulix store but not in Chicago. So if I want it there I will have to grow it.

Have a great weekend or whats left of it.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your wee violets are so cute. I knew a couple that great them here and she gave me a couple to try, but they didn't survive. I seem to have no problem with the regular ones, but the minis don't seem to like my light conditions. Sounds like you got a great haul at the flea market too!!

Maggi said...

Such lovely flowers and what a gorgeous bird cage.

Gina E. said...

You find some great stuff at your flea markets, Freda! Who needs opshops?! We don't have flea markets here...well, we call them trash and treasure markets, which I think sounds better than 'flea' market. That makes me think of an old mangy dog!

Shane Pollard said...

What a find! We don't have flea markets like that in New Zealand. You US gals are lucky as you all seem to have flea markets locally - my mouth is watering thinking of the possible finds.
We had our 40th anniversary 11th April and were set for a big celebration. Unfortunately my husband had a bad fall off a ladder and has broken 3 vertabrae and 3 ribs - not a happy chappie.
I retire from my job this Thursday and just can't wait to be a stay at home mum!

Karen said...

Loving that bird cage!! Good find!

Susan Elliott said...

Way to score on the bird cage AND the plates -- I need to take you shopping with me!