Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I want to wish a happy and healthy new year to all my family and friends.  Things always feel better and look better at the start of a new year.

We had a good Christmas and we celebrated Christmas dinner at our place with 3 friends. It was a small group this year.  Neighbours all went to visit family or had family down this year.  It goes from year to year.  One neighbour had 9 visitors and offered all 11 of them for dinner including 5 children.  I said we would take a pass on that. The weather was fairly good until the last few days.  It has been rainy and today cooled down to only in the 60's. I always feel bad at christmas or spring break when the weather doesn't co-operate.  It has been a very warm year up to now.  They are calling for 70's all week but have been wrong already.

I put the Christmas decorations away yesterday and today and as much fun as it is to put them up I am always glad to take them down and get back to normal.  Harv was watching the Rose Bowl and now he is watching he UCF and Baylor game from Arizona.  One day we must take a drive out to UCF and see it.  I believe it is just about an hour from Mt. Dora.

Take care and stay healthy.  Get those flu shots.