Saturday, February 26, 2011


Here are a few pics of the lace pieces I found last week at the flea market. There are one or two doilies that are in very good condition but a lot of the other are not but for my use they are fine. I paid only 1.00 a piece or I did find two round about 8" doilies 2/1.00. They are not really fine lace but the heavier doily type. I also found one of the old crocheted tops that I assume they attached fabric to and wore as nighties. If anyone knows more about this I would be interested to know.
I should add that after a good soaking the really grungy ones now look a lot better. I have trouble putting them in my stash when they look like that.

Friday, February 25, 2011


I mentioned the other day that I had purchased a terrarium from a young man at the flea market. He had them from little ones in vases or glass bowls to this large one that I bought. He only wanted 20.00 for it and I thought for the size and all the work that went into making it it was sure worth that. In the pics it doesn't look that large but I just measured it and it is 13" high and 24" in circumference. It has an aluminum lid that can be put on or left off. If you leave it off it will needed to be misted a bit more. There were at least 7 different plants that we counted in there and I think from the pics you can see how he layered it if anyone is interested in starting their own. The trouble I think would be in getting the miniature plants. There is a tiny ivy, a begonia, Irish moss, a stone and at least 3 different types of fern (including maidenhair which is one of my favorites) and a couple of others that I don't know what they are. My only problem is how to get it home or find someone down here who would keep it for 6 months. Will worry about that in May and enjoy it until then.

In one of the pics I threw a lace collar on top of it and then thought I should go through my doilys and find one that would look good over the top and it would get some air but would not dry out.

We are finally getting what you think of as Florida weather. 82 yesterday and predicting high 70's - 80's for the next week. Spring is here.

Monday, February 21, 2011


First I must say that I received a very nice email in reply to mine from my swap partner and she sent those lovely things just because she likes to do that. That was really nice of her and maybe in future I will do the same.

She has not received mine yet which surprises me because it was mailed either Tues. or Wed. am and should have been there by Sat. Hopefully tomorrow.

Well this past weekend was the Feb. Extravaganza at Renningers and I went over on Sat. I spent about 3 hours and found some nice things. I only went to my usual side and not to the antique end where you have to pay to get in. My end always has twice as many vendors on these special weekends and I can do quite well there and spend as mch money there as down the other end.

I found another silver tray for one of the walls - my daughter may use some for the same idea also - and it was in great shape. Barely needed cleaning and has a very pretty design on the ends. I also found a silver trivet set with cut glass/crystal? bottles and shakers in it. In our bathroom we have a wicker open cabinet with shelves that fit perfectly in the wall next to the shower. That is where I keep all my towels and decorations, etc. I think the trivet set will go in there with bath salts, etc. in the bottles. It was 5.00 for the tray and 10.00 for the trivet set which is a great price. I have a lovely one at home that I display on a 2 tier pie edge table in my living room. I also picked up a pair of long white kid gloves for 4.00. She had 4 gloves - 3 right hand and 1 left so I picked the best right hand and the left. She said the others were around somewhere but she didn't know where. Sonds familiar. She said they were stamped Paris inside them but I couldn't see that in either of mine. It was in one of the other right hand ones but it has brown spots on it so wasn't worth it.

I bought some pieces of lace that I have soaking in a solution right now. I will show them tomorrow night. Some of the gals said they like seeing the lace I pick up so will continue to show it.

Also bought a terrarium that I will show you one night this weekend.
Made by a young man and filled with miniature plants. I loved it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Linda who runs The Swaps for All Seasons ran another one for the winter. We were to make a 5 x 7 collage that was to be fabric and stitched. By either hand or machine and whatever you wanted to make for your partner. She sent me the name of the gal and I contacted her and learned a bit about her and then we made our collage.

She said she liked greens so I used a green background and sandwiched between I put a piece of burlap that I was able to unravel all the edges. I put tatting around the inside and did a picture that Pat winter had sent me to use in CQ. It was a French flower girl and I did silk embroidery on the flower in her hand and on the flowers in the basket. I added little extra bits to it and put an old lace piece and sewed it like a pocket. In the pocket I placed a small perfume bottle that I had bought awhile ago.
On the back I placed a little French saying.

The one she sent me also has a picture of a little girl on it. She has a beautiful flower on it along with lace and buttons. On the bottom she has a swag of pearl beads. She has a beautiful hanging chain on it. It is delightful and I will hang it up in my sewing room where I can look at it
and enjoy daily.
She also included in the box other gifts. One is a very pretty set with a journal, notepad and other matching things. She wrapped the journal up in a very nice scarf. She also included a candle in a tin and the scent is Vanilla Cupcake.
Now the dilema - I included nothing in mine except the collage. Linda had said at the very beginning in the rules that this time we would not include any other gifts but you could write a little note to your partner if you felt like it. She also said do not put any hanging ribbon, cord etc. on it as people would use it in different ways. Of course I followed suit. So mine went out without any hanging cord. This is only the second swap I have been in with Linda's group so I carefully followed the rules and yet I feel terrible because of all what she sent me. Okay guys what do I do now? Help?

Friday, February 18, 2011


Last week our garden club went on a field trip to one of the largest orchid growers in Florida. Central Florida is the home of many types of flowers, ferns, etc. Largest growers in the country.

We went to Kerry's Bromeliads & Orchids. We spent almost 2 hours there and were given one of the best tours I have ever been on. We started with the small beginning plants all the way up to the final finished orchids ready to be shipped all over the country. It is an amazing site to see a greenhouse as large as a football field just filled with plants.

I fell in love with orchids when we started spending the winters in Florida. I used to go to the flea market and buy a bouquet of flowers every Sun. for $5.00 and they would last until maybe Fri. or if lucky Sat. then in the garbage. Well I discovered one day that an orchid once it starts to bloom can literally last for months. I bought a beautiful multi stem one with small pink flowers on it in mid Nov. and it is just about finished now. Daily I find the little dried up flowers stil hanging on to the stems. I believe I paid 5.00 for this one at one of the flea markets. I have them all over the house and out on the sun room. Many were only 3.00 or maybe 3 for 10.00.

I took a couple of pics of some of mine but did not have my camera with me that day. Another good part of the tour was they let us buy orchids and bromeliads from them that day at a very reasonable price. I don't think anyone went home empty handed.

I like to put the orchid in a larger bowl and fill in with the small bromeliads or other small plants - ferns, ivys, etc. Sometimes I will just fill around it with green moss. Looks pretty. I see from my bottom pic that I need to put some moss around this little one. I also like to buy them with only 1 or 2 flowers open as they will gradually open and give you that much more life. If giving as a gift I always buy one in almost full bloom because they look prettier.

It is very possible that the orchids that you now see in your grocery store or home store have come right from Kerry's. They deliver to all the big chains all around the country and Canada.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I know I am a few days late but was wondering around the house taking up any valentine items and remembered this one out on the sunroom shelf.

I picked this up at Renningers quite a while ago and the amazing thing was the man had a whole carton of them and they were birthday, valentine, easter, etc. Each one was in its own box and as I started to open them they were all from the same man - "Fred". I wish he had dated them but I have never seen these before. They were made by different companies and all the same size each in its own box 8 x 10".

The center portion is satin and they were in excellent condition. I can imagine Fred coming home with this and the Mrs. saying thank you and the next day it went into the carton with all the rest.

I only bought one as they were 5.00 each and I thought Valentine would be a good time to have one. Has any one seen these before? This one was made by Hallmark.
I received a kiss and a card from my sweetie. 51 years ago on Feb. 13th. I received my engagement ring and was married the next August. Still has happy as ever. I picked a good one.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I went to get the mail on Wed. and there was a parcel in the box. I hadn't ordered anything so was surprised. It was from Pam Kellogg of Kitty and Me and was just one of those nice things that we bloggers do for each other at times. When I opened it up it was one of her valentine pretties.
She and her Mom both do such beautiful work. This one is a metal heart painted in a pink/gold color and in front is a cherub face with glittered wings and a pink heart and little flowers in front. There are numerous embellishing threads hanging from it. All together enchanting.

Thank you again Pam - unexpected gifts are so special.
I have her hanging from a bottle on the shelves I put up above my computer desk. I took down a mirror that was there and put 3 shelves up this year so that I can display all the nice little things that make me happy plus I keep pens, dyes, bttons, etc. in glass containers up there also.

It makes me smile to look at all this stuff even though lately I have done more looking then using.

I must also comment for my son David that I did receive your valentine card and it was a surprise because of you going on vacation. His wife was working in London the past week so he went over to join her and they are now on a week's vacation. He is a sweet guy and never forgets.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is just a small post for my good friend Gina in Melbourne, Australia. In a note to her I said I wasn't posting all the lace I pick up because people are probably getting tired of seeing pieces of it. Unless I get something wonderful or a great stash of it I don't bother.

Well Gina said no she likes to see it all so this is what I picked up a couple of weeks ago Gina.

The crocheted top and white tatting were soaked and washed to get the grime out. The pink tatting is very pretty when not all tangled up. It needs a good wash then to be ironed but this pic just gives an idea.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pillow Magic

A couple of weeks ago I showed a few lace pieces I had picked up at the market. Two were the same and were not your usual lace pieces. I wasn't sure what I would do with them.

When I purchsed my off white couch and chair for the Florida home there were to be 2 matching pillows of the same fabric just plain. Well couch arrived wih 2 cushions that had no connection to the couch. they went back and 2 more arrived with the right fabric but a cording about 1" in size that looked like it belonged on a boat. Being really upset by this time they said don't return them just get rid of them and we will order 2 more. These arrived not in the same fabric but liveable. They had large initials in the fabric. They were pretty but by this time I had brought down some needlepoint from home and didn't need them so under the couch in plastic bags went 4 pillows. (In Florida we call under the couches, beds, etc. our Florida basements>) Well I was looking for something else I had under there and pulled out the bag with the 2 lettered cushions. I had been looking at the lace pieces and put one on and really liked it. I have one sewn down and one to go but I am still knitting scarfs that have to go in the mail this weekend and hope to get one more done this week. After that I will sew on the other one.

Here are 2 pics - one of the lace pieces and one with the lace sewed or tacked if you will onto the pillow. I like the pillows now.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well today I almost did not go to the flea market and then around 11 I thought well I need grapefruit and bananas so will just take a quick run.

Off I go and of course I can't just buy fruit without going out to the field and walking around. They had a re-enactment going on this weekend in another part of Renningers - it is a huge property. The vendors that were there were different then the usual because they came because of that. Lots of fur pieces, rifles, old hats, etc. It is nice looking at the gals in the old hoop skirt dresses. One gal bought a beautiful fur muff for 10.00 while I was looking at things.

Well for a long time I have been wanting an old dress form just to play with. To put fancy laces on, etc. I saw this one and walked over and looked at it. It was made all in pieces that were adjustable and this had a label Acme Adjustable Dress Form, Brookly, NY size B. It is all worked by nuts and bolts inside and looked pretty old but in very good condition.

She had 35.00 on it and I told her I would think about it and I did and on the way back I stopped and we settled on 30.00. It has an iron base and it is adjustable so the body can come right down to the floor for carrying and then up to whatever size height you want it.

I put it out in the garage and took a couple of pics and then thought it would be really nice if I could find a booklet that tells you how to adjust it. I went to Google and it brought up other Acme ones for sale and I almost fainted. There were some on etsy and some on ebay and they ranged in price from 164.00 to 299.00 and they didn't look as good as this one. The label on mine is still there and there are no tears or rips.

To think that I almost didn't buy it. I see them on people's blogs all dressed up and you have no idea what condition they are in or what kind.

I did find out from Google that they were made by a co. named L&M and were from the early 1900's to when they ended in 1950. I was lucky enough to find one at an auction site that actually gave instructions for how to adjust it and what all the things were for - neck, bust, body length, etc. I printed it out and when we have a free day (Mr. and me) I will try and adjust it down to the first size so all pieces touch.

I did get the fruit and was home in an hour. Not the nicest weekend as we had rain yesterday afternoon and dark and gloomy this afternoon. It started to rain just as I was getting into the van. This weekend is the Arts Festival in Mt. Dora where they expect a crowd of between 250 and 300,000 people. I don't go anymore as it is just too jammed for me. I feel bad for the artists who come from all over the country for this and then to get bad weather.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flea Market

Today is the first day of Feb. and also the first day to file your income taxes with the IRS/AARP volunteers at the library. Harv left at noon today and will be home when finished. the library is open until 8 Tues. but he should be home 6.30 or 7. Tomorrow is a regular day and he starts at 9 until 5 ish. depending on the crowd. This is a wonderful free service with very well trained volunteers who know what they are doing. It is available to seniors or low income persons.

I went on sunday to my regular Renningers flea market and had a good morning. It was sunny and nice and a pleasure just to walk around and talk to people. They are all so friendly at the markets. I picked up my usual few pieces of lace, doiles, etc. which I don't even photograph anymore. You are probably tired of seeing them unless it is something extraordinary. I did find a few things I was happy with and took some pics.

I believe I told you that I am starting to look for paint for our bedroom and bathroom and hae settled on a smoky - hazy very light turquoise. Don't think turqoise but it is not blue either. I found this picture on my last row and was almost out of there when I saw it. I knew the color would look great in eiher room and asked how much. She said I have 10. on it but you can have it for 8. She also had a white flower swag that I can use almost anywhere and she wanted 3. for it. Sometimes prices on things don't make sense. An oil painting that was professionally framed in a pretty frame 8. only and a few flowers 3. I bought both and was happy. Makes you wonder sometimes.

I also picked up a couple of pieces of silver. A small heart shaped dish for 1.00 that cleaned up beautifully and will have pink candy in it when I get to the store. Also a very small ladle for sauces, etc. It was in excellent condition and I did give it a wipe but did not even need cleaning. 3.00 for it. I have a larger one with my own silver but I liked the small size of this one.

I also bought a can about 1/4 full of keys. He said 3.00 for the tin or 1.00 each key. I was confused and meant you are selling the can without the keys and he said no the can with all the keys for 3.00. Keys alone 1.00. You would be crazy to just buy 1 or 2 keys. I bought it and I now have a nice old tin with 12 skeleton keys of various sizes and shapes, about 10 or so really small keys and a big handul of assorted keys. Some with really nice engraving on them. I am always seeing them used on the web whether I will use them is another story. Hopefully some of them.

Also a pice of sheer embroidered fabric that was in a basket marked tablecloths 2.00 each. It actually is yardage and about 3 yards long. Ends never finished so it came home with me also. You never know what is going to follow me home.

Looking again at the picture now posted the color I am going to paint is that very soft, hazy color at the top of the painting.