Friday, December 20, 2013


My daughter Susan flew in Sunday evening to spend a few days with her Dad and I.  A little early Christmas present.  She came alone and Jon stayed home with the 3 boys and handled the fort.

Sue with her Dad - my hubby Harv.  It is a bad picture of him - he is not smiling.  I probably took it too fast.

We had a great visit.  We shopped Mon., Tues. and Wed. also lunched and had dinner at the club on wed. evening.  We finished off Thurs. morning with a quick run to the local flea market where we go every week and buy our fruits and vegetables at the farmer's market plus whatever goodies I happen to find.  Sue and I went alone then came back and got Harv. who then drove her and I to the airport.
It is a good hour to the orlando airport from Mount Dora.  She flew out at 2.40 and with the hour gained was in Chicago by 5 where Jon picked her up then home to the boys.  Time goes too fast when you are enjoying yourself.

Then today Carol and Woody Kramer came to lunch.  Carol is in CQI and we met many years ago thru crazy quilting.  We have been room mates at a few different retreats. They live in Claremont, FL about a hour to the SW of us.  Both Harv and I had our cameras out in the sun room to take pictures and it wasn't until they were driving down the street that it dawned on me no pictures were taken.  Next time we get together we will have to remember.  Good time with Good friends.

Thursday, December 12, 2013



Here are a few cards I made this year.  I used some pieces of sewing I had done in Karen's class but did not have much down here with me.  I just did scribble FME on the others and added acrylic paper with a few stars.   I only made a dozen or so.

I went to the Dr. this afternoon and he still feels that even though it shows arthritis in my elbow he still thinks it is a severe tendonitis due to the pain up my arm when I squeeze my hand or touch with my finger.  He said he might not have hit the right spot last time and if I was willing he would give me another shot in a different area.  I said go ahead and this time I really felt it but he said he went deeper then before.  Maybe this will do the trick.  Arthritis itself in the elbow should not hurt this much he said.  I have it in other places and they don't hurt like this.  Will have to see but would love to get back to stitching, commenting to friends, etc.  This would be a nice Christmas present.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I had my complete body bone scan last Wed. and my Dr. was out of town until yesterday.  They called in the afternoon and said there was NO cancer in my bones.  I know that is what they were looking for even though the Dr. did not tell me that but the technician was explaining about the scan and accidently told me they use this looking for cancer which I had thought anyways.  My oldest and last sister passed away last year with bone cancer in April and I had mentioned that to my Dr. so of course that was in his mind. 

What it did show was a lot of arthritis in particular places and one was the right elbow plus both wrists.  I guess that is why the cortisone shot did not help this time.  I have been trying to really not do much in the way of using the arm but that is almost impossible when you are the chief cook and bottle washer.  Unless you had a live in housekeeper having house help would not help too much.  I am considering hiring a cleaning woman for the heavy work. I have one at home I ha ve had for years but it is a much larber house.  I go to the Dr. on Thurs to talk about what we can do.  I guess therapy (which I thought I might need) will be of no help if it is arthritis.

I have been reading most of your blogs but not leaving messages because it hurts to even do this.
I took 2 advil after lunch and that has helped.  I might be living on them after this.

I did get some christmas decorations up and will have to take pics and post.  My daughter Sue is flying in from Chicago Sun. and flying back Thurs. night.  Just a short visit by herself.  We will be lunching, shopping, etc.  I am looking forward to it.