Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Here is a few pics showing how I do the hexagons.  The first pic shows the muslin backing that I have drawn the hex outline on it.  Next I draw the piecing lines with very light pencil so they will not show threw in case a fabric colour is light. Next I turn it over and redraw the outline only on the back of the muslin.  This line is for sewing down when all the block is pieced.

Right side of muslin

Wrong side of muslin.

Next I piece the block with my fabrics.  After this I pin the fabrics then turn it to the wrong side and stitch all around the line I have drawn.  Then I stitch again about 3/8" inside that line and you will end up with the back looking like this.

Please hit the read more as this is continued on another page for some reason.

When all the sewing is finished you will have a hex all ready for stitching and embellishing.  You will note that I leave a very small margin of muslin but that is because I never cq in a hoop so extra fabric is not necessary.  If you use a hoop you will have to leave additional for this.

When embellishing is all finished cut away the muslin and extra fabric as close to the outer black stitching line as possible.  It will now be ready to add the batting and backing fabric of your choice.  I am using black cotton sateen even though very little will show.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sorry about that.

This is one of the flowers I made in a class with Christen Brown.  I have a bag full of various ones that I will use on this project.


I have been gone for so long that some of you will not remember me.  I really did not have too much of interest to show you but now I am cqing again.

I have been watching Viv from Australia and her hexagons she has been sharing on CQI..  She is doing a fantastic job and she did post a tutorial on how she does hers.  I also saw the book Foolproof Crazy Quilting by Jennifer Clouston which is all about the hexagon quilt she made.  This is one of the best books on CQ based on the fact that she supplies plenty of patterns and also cq instructions for  25 hexagons.  This would be such a help for a beginner and is certainly a help to us oldies when we run out of ideas.

I decided to make mine out of jewel and very bright fabrics and it gives me a chance to use  some of my considerable stash of fabric, threads, beads, etc.  I will outline all mine in black which will make the colors stand out.

Here is the first one I have finished.