Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sunday afternoon we had the pleasure of seeing our oldest grandson graduate from high school. He is a very nice young man and did very well in school. He is our redheaded guy who isn't too happy having red hair but it is darkening down and will probably be an auburn color eventually.

My son and his wife had a party for family back at the house after it was over. We also celebrated his 8 year old brother's birthday. Tommy was 8 May 21 so he had his usual kid's party and then the family celebrated with him yesterday. Tommy is going to miss Nick when he goes off in August to school but still has his 16 year old sister at home.

I have shot a pic of our huge rhododendrum bush in the back and I bought a flower basket with the most unusual coloring. They were double impatience flowers with white and a deep hot pink - almost red. The gal said it was the only one of that color to come in and of course it had to go home with me. On the trip a couple of hunks fell off in the trunk and I put them in a little bud vase. The true color doesn't show up like the actual color. They are like perfect little miniature roses.
Speaking of miniatures mine are doing very well and flowering well. I put the little bud vase in the middle of them as you will see.

Tomorrow I am going with Sue and the Inverness garden club that she belongs to for a garden walk of the gardens of 2 members of the Hosta Society. I have a laot of them in my yard and have a lot of miniatures among them. I will enjoy seeing what they have and how they use them. May give me some ideas as I am trying to make the garden as easy to manage as I can. I can fill pots on the deck with annuals but trying to manage the rest is getting harder every year. This year a creeping vine weed was all over. I have weeded some parts but have still a lot to do. The gardners come do the mowing, blowing, edging, etc. but that is all. I usually hire one of them to help me out and will do that again this year to divide and move stuff around. Will take pics of the hosta gardens.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Yesterday my daughter and I went to an estate sale nearby. This one was weird in a way that I couldn't quite figure out. It looked like the owners had just walked out to go to work or out for the day. Everything you would expect in a modern day home was there including all the usual yard tools, furniture, clothes, dishes, pictures on the wall, art in process in the den. We asked the gal on the way out why the sale and she said she didn't know as she had just come that day to help out. Wasn't there for the pricing, etc.

Sue picked up a couple of canvases for her artwork and 5 small size canning jars. The type with the wire rim and glass lids that lock with the wire. there were boxes of canning jars and they were only 50c. I found one green one and bought it. Medium size. It also had the glass lid and wire locking. What really got me excited was I picked up a box of dominoes and opened it. Brand new never out of the plastic. They were 8.00 but I felt very worthwhile as I have been watching with fascination the gals who have been making the little domino books. I had some dominoes but they were just too small. These are 1" wide by 2" tall - just perfect. I see some little books in my future. The other thing was a white rabbit fur collar. I could just picture it on my mannequin at Christmas time down in Florida. Closed with a large rhinestone or other brooch. Harv says "Marie" will be better dressed then him. The name comes from the fmbutler - freda marie. My alter ego. I wish I had one here too but probably better I don't. I also picked up some odds and ends. Two packs of very old playing cards good for collage.

We went up to Barrington, IL for lunch and Sue has a nasty virus/cold and had taken some cold medicine that hit her and she felt sick and very tired. We didn't stay too long but went home so she could lay down before the kids came home from school. They are from 8 to 15 so they would be fine. Her hubby was in New Orleans for the day on business. Flew out in the morning and back at night. He had to do a presentation. He says he would rather do that then have to stay overnight. No luggage to worry about and you sleep in your own bed. Today she still felt blah so I told her you just have to go with it and let it run its course.