Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I started this christmas tree skirt last year but did not have time to put it together before we left for Florida. I had made a similar one for my oldest son and this one is for my middle guy and his wife. They are fun to make. The outer skirt is made up of 8 sections that you embellish and embroider then you join all 8 to sew the actual skirt. I did not get the best picture of the complete circle but when it is sewn I will try and get a better one. I did take a couple of individual sqare closeups. I want this finished this week so it is done and to them before we leave Oct. 10.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I was looking for something in my cedar closet today and unfolded a blanket and guess who fell out. Well I don't even have a name for her except baby doll. This doll was given to my daughter when she was a little girl by a neighbour who had 2 boys and it had been hers when she was a girl. I really don't remember Sue playin with her very much as she had a few favorites of her own at that time. She probably laid around until maybe 8-10 years ago when I found her and decided to make her a dress and clean her up a bit. She was almost bald with no clothes that I could find. I made her this crazy quilt bodice dress and bought her a wig to cover the bald head. She really looks quite cute now. The wig is just sitting on her head as I never glued it on or cut it any special way.

I will put her in a box and give her to Sue to put away for a someday grandaughter of hers.

I am starting to feel better. I am down to 1 pain pill a day plus some muscle relaxants. I have a dentist check-up at 1 tomorrow and then a 2.15 appt. with our internist to discuss this headache. I am wondering if it is a sinusproblem.
They are very close to each other so no problem getting from one to the other.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a week this has been but not in a good way. I started at the beginning of last week with a headache that left me feeling nauseated and no matter what I did would not go away. I spent one day last week in bed then it eased off and started again after I went to the boy's soccer game Sat morning. It was very sunny and I did not have a visor on only sunglasses that didn't really stop it.
The headache started again in the afternoon and by Sun. I couldn't get out of bed. Had to cancel out from my grandson's 7th. birthday party on Sun. I stayed in bed with an ice pack on my head. Not a pretty picture. I finally called the Dr. on Monday and he sent me some very strong painkillers. They took a couple of days but finally it seemed to go away. Thank goodness as I had an appt. with the eye Dr. to zap the left eye with the laser this morning as I felt it was fuzzy. I can't tell yet if it worked as the eye was dilated but should know in a few days. Hope for the best. They gave me steroid drops to take down any swelling from the lazer and I am to use them 4 times day for 4 days so will see after that. Right eye is great but I was really hoping for 2 out of 2 not 1 out of 2.

I have been showing you pictures of some of my favorite things over the weeks and I have a letter that is very precious to me. After my Father passed away I had it framed to preserve it. It was given to my Father in WW1 after he was released from a POW camp. It came from Buckingham Palace and was from King George, Queen Elisabeth's grandfather. It is signed George RI. My father was born in Ireland and enlisted in the Irish Fusilliers. He founght in Mesapotamia which is now Iran and was taken POW. When released he was released from his service which is what they did in those days. He was a fighting Irishman and re-enlisted with the 48th. Highlanders out of Scotland and was in until the war was over.
He immigrated to Canada around 1926 (bit hazy on this date), met my Mother who had emigrated from England and they married. When England declared war in 1939 he enlisted in the Canadian army but was not sent overseas because of his age. He was sent up to the wilds of Northern Ontario to guard German POWS who were captured and sent there. He was there from 1939 to 1946. The Irish have always had a fighting spirit. I am currently reading a book called Galway Bay by Mary Pac Kelly but is based in the 1800's. If you have ever heard of the famine due to the potato blight in Ireland and the death of millions this is a very good book. Just a ittle info into my family life.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

At long last I have finished my pink wallhanging. I think I will call it Fans and Fantasies. When I was in Omaha I was lucky enough to buy this long piece of antique tatting and it just fit around the sides and bottom without an inch to spare. It meets up with the large piece I have used as a topping. I did not bind this in the usual manner but had enough material that I just folded the fabric from the backing over twice and whipped it down. Then I went around the whole thing with feather stitching and pink beads. I really like this finish. It is fussy but goes with the rest of the quilt. Some of you who have read this blog for a while will remember the problem I had with the inerfacing and the middle pieces. I ended up just cutting new facings and appliqueing them down. It may be a bit crinkly but that is okay as the whole thing has that look.

The only place I had a clear wall and an existing rod was in our upper hallway where I had a quilt from Omaha hanging. I was trying to get pictures between the staircase and this wall - about 3 feet. If I went on the other side of the stair case it was too far. This is our loft area where Harv has his big screen tv, computer, desk etc. He spends most afternoons up there. He also has a table in one of the bedrooms where he paints.

Needless to say I thought I was going to go over the bannister if I tried reaching too far. Once I get this to Florida or wherever it will eventually hang, I will take some better pics.

Harv and I went to the urologist this afternnon after lunch and he checked him out from the problems he had in July when he was in the hospital twice. All is well. He also gave him the name of a urologist in the Orlando-Winter Park area. They both were at Mayo at the same time and he said just give him his card and he would see us. That is nice to know as we haven't had too much luck in our area with the fellow we have been going to.

ps - it is my birthday today and I am just spending the afternoon fiddling around. Tomorrow Sue and I are celebrating by going to the
Infant Welfare housewalk and luncheon with proceeds gong to Children's Memorial Hospital. Probably no pics allowed but may try and sneak in a couple. At least of the outsides.

Just wanted to add that I had my yearly mammogram yesterday and all was well. Just remember gals that early detection is the secret to defeating this disease. 10 years ago Oct. when we discovered mine - first stage, lumpectomy then radiation. No chemo needed.
Go get those mammograms.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I had a lovely surprise one day last week. When I came home from a Dr. visit (what else do I do these days) there was mail for me and not just mail but a package from my friend Jo in New Zealand.
I was so excited to open it and it was one of her faces that she does the wonderful beading around. She did it on a fairly large piece of black fabric to give me room to play with it. I am thinking of how it would look on a black jacket. I thought purse but I am one of those people who really can't be bothered changing purses so end up using the same one every day and the rest of the beautiful ones gather dust or hang on the wall.

I love the colours Jo used. The larger beads surrounding the face had both turquoise and gold in them and then she used gold beads at the tips and they sure do sparkle. I had trouble getting a really good picture. I find beads very hard to photograph but at least it will give you an idea of what she has done.

Go on over to and have a look at her etsy sites. She has 2. One for her own work and another for her vintage linens. Her prices are very reasonable and her work is wonderful.

Thank you again Jo for this present.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

We are having beautiful weather here in chicago except now we could use some of that rain that poured down all of June and July or seemed like it. Either a feast or a famine.

I was in a class with Ellie Sienkiewiczk back in Jan. 2005. It was in the Keys in Florida. It was a delightful 3 day class and I started this piece of embroidery and did finish it when I arrived home or should say over the next year or so. I have decided it should not just sit rolled up in a drawer and am either going to have it framed as is or make it a center for a wallhanging.

Ellie was kind enough to sign it and make a little notation on the stamp we used and then I just signed my name.

If you ever get a chance to take a class with Ellie make sure you do. She is wonderful as a person and as a teacher. Very modest.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I see my friend Carol in Claremont, FL is back from her month long European junket and cruise. Haven't talked yet but did see her comment a few days ago wherein she asked how my eyes are doing. Fine thank you for asking and will be even better when he hits the left eye with a laser sched. for the 24th. Left eye a little fuzzy and he says that is not uncommon. Well the comment on Harv's eyes threw me for a moment then it hit me what she was referring to. Back on June 25th. Sue & I went to the book signing by Lisa See and stopped in Barrington at some antique & boutique stores. Well this is where Sue found the dress she wore for our anniversery and I bought the large black and copper/brass birdcage that I sat on my fireplace step. I joked that I would see how long it would take for Harv to notice it. Well this is Sept. 8th and that was June 25th. and nary a mention yet. I thought on the Sun. after our party when a bunch of relatives were over someone commented on it and I thought he might notice it but nope. He probably thinks it has been there forever. Well now at least I can say oh that old thing has been there for ages.

Have a few more pics of things I also bought at the flea market Sun.
I bought a beatiful lace piece that someone lovingly put together in heirloom sewing style. Don't need it but couldn't resist it for $3.00. The next was the crocheted trim in the pillowcase and the hanky with pink and white tatting. $1.00 for both. Bag of silk flowers (9 complete ones and I thought it was all petals) $1.00. 5 yards of black taffeta ribbon with a white picot edging $1.,00. Last was a plastic zip bag full of crochet and lace pieces for $3.00.There was certainly enough pieces I could use or give away for that price. This will probably be my last visit out there unless the Oct, 4 weekend is a nice day then my daughter and I will try and go.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day in the 70's so we decided to go to the Kane county flea market. Well I hardly knew the place. Anyone in this area that goes there will know what I mean. apparently I must not have gone last year or early in the year because they have remodelled the place. It is so huge and with things all changed I hardly knew where to start. The one problem is thatI knew certain ladies and where they would be and that was not the case now. The one good thing is they blacktopped most of the walking ground where vendors are so that you were not walking in all that dust and dirt. Harv dropped me off about 1.30 and went fishing about 5 minutes away on the Fox River - didn't catch anything but it was pleasant plus he had a magazine and talked to other fishermen. He came back and picked me up around 4.
It is only open Sat. from noon until 5 and Sun. 7 to 4. It used to be only Sundays but a couple of years back they added Sat. afternoon and that is when we usually go. The 3 hours or so is enough for me. I did buy a few things. I bought a footed cake plate that had an edge that resembled the Fostoria American pattern that I have a collection of in Florida so it will go there. She had a Fostoria compote sitting on top of it and it was a good match. I am a collector of toile painted trays and I found an unusual shaped one. They are usually round or regular rectangles but this one was long and narrow. I have a collection in my family room here but this one will go to Florida. It will look good above a doorway in my sun room I think. Also bought my usual odds and bits. Pieces of lace, 5 jewellery pins for CQ in a bag for $9.00. I found a gal that said anything you want for #1.00 in junk just heaped up. I found the bottom of a pillowcase with beautiful crochet, a zip bag of petals and flowers in a light rose color for making flowers, a hanky with a pink & white tatted edge and she threw that in with the pillowcase end for the same 1.00. I ended up paying her 2.50 then saw a bunch of little doiles and I said how much and she just threw them in the bag and said enjoy. What fun. I find if you are nice to dealers and don't try and really argue or talk down to them most of them will treat you very well. The tray was $36.00 and I made an offer of $25.00 and thought she would come back with $30.00 but she said sure so I was happy there too. I also found a cute little shabby chic mirror with a ruffled edge for 7.00. Don't know where it will go but somewhere. When I like something I buy it and find somewhere for it to go later. Took a few pics to post here. Almost forgot my flower holder. I have one already in clear glass but this one is frosted. They look lovely with either an orchid flower or a camellia when they are in bloom in them. This one is a little larger then my other one which is good because it will hold more water.

We arrived home about 5 and my daughter and SIL dropped the 3 boys off for overnight. They went out to dinner then on to a party. The boys said they were especially glad to come as the dog went out Fri. night and came back and got in and ran through the whole house before Jon smelled it. He had been skunked and was going crazy. Got him right in the chest. apparently you could still smell it sat. thru the whole house. They have been keeping him overnight now in the kennel cage. He usually sleeps upstairs but not for awhile. Sue says from now on he goes out on a leash at night. No chasing things.

The boys were very good. I got McDonalds for them for supper and they brought a movie with them. After dinner, with their popcorn and cans of pop we all watched the movie. It was disney's Planet Eart and was excellent. It was narrated by James Earl Jones and was a documentary. Wonderful except for the 6 year old when one animal overcame another. He doesn't understand Natures ways at this age. They went to bed well and we all slept in, had waffles and their Mom came around noon and picked them up. I spent the next couple of hours changing beds and doing washing. Can't play every day.

ps I bought the bag of jewellery to get the beautiful beaded bee. I couldn't get a very good pic of it but it is lovely. the other 4 weren't bad either.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am making a purse as my donation to our Questers auction in November. I made one last year and apparently it was a hit and I have been asked if I am making another one this year. I ordered one of Pat Winters packages with the gypsy girl motif, 2 beautiful ribbons and a package of beads, sequins, etc. Well when the mail arrived it was a fairly thick package and I wondered what it could be. well open it dummy and find out insead of feeling it. How often do we do this - I know I do. Well Pat not only sent the one I had ordered but another one and wrapped in very pretty pansy tissue paper was a beautiful little change purse with a key ring attached. A few years back I had ordered a purse from Pat for my daughter's birthday but when It arrived I did not want to give it up as it was so lovely. I contacted Pat and she said yes she would make another similar one for me. I keep mine in Florida for lunches, etc. and that way Sue and I never clash with the same purse. Well Pat had made this change purse with colors, etc. to match the purse she had sent me. It was a wonderful gift and I thank her here again. She is such a generous person.

I am posting a picture of it here and also a picture of a pincushion
that my daughter-in-law Jeana gave me for a gift a couple of years back. It also is so pretty I don't use it but having it sitting on a dresser in my spare bedroom with the white bed and the blue & white quilt. I made the quilt and had the Amish near our cottage do the quilting. It is very closely quilted as I wanted it to remind me of an old blue & white. I did make the pillow shams and quilted them myself. Will take some pics and post them later.

Well here we go again with another one sideways. At least the first 2 are okay. I guess 2 out of 3 are better then 2 out of 4 like the other day.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I haven't posted for quite a few days. I have been working sporadically on the butterfly quilt. I am again at a stand still as my mind is not in a good working place. I have packed it away this afternoon and will leave it here until we return next Spring. I am taking the tringles as I am only beading them.

I have been feeling the blues as a very good friend from my sewing group in Florida passed away after the most courageous fight against cancer that I have ever seen. She had just gone thru a divorce when the cancer had returned so was hit with a double whammy. She originally had breast cancer many years ago and it metastisized and was throughout her body. You would never have known it. She kept up with life and the thinner she got the more clothes she would go out and buy and looked good every time I saw her. She kept up with all the club doings and was there for the birth of her first grandchild and was still there for his 1st. birthday in April. I think this was part of keeping her going.
Rest In Peace Marty.

Also our mail gal in Florida passed away at the too young age of 52.
Same scene with the breast cancer then about 1 year free and then it came back with a vengeance and within months she was too weak to work. We have had our home in Florida for 10 years and in that time Sheryl was our mailgal and friend. The boxes for our end of the street are in our little cul-de-sac so we would see her often and chat. When we returned last Fall she told me then that it had returned and she was fighting it. She said Freda I am too young to die and I agreed. Well someone else did not agree and she passed away late July. Rest In Peace Sheryl.

We also had 2 gentlemen that worked with my husband pass away. Harv does the newsletter for the retiree's group so the family of anyone who passes away immediately inform Harv so he can contact people who were good friends and then put it in the monthly newsletter. I have told him not to tell me anymoe unless it is someone I know well and in this case I did.

I have to get back out into the garden and Sat. we are going to the flea market in Kane County if the weather holds. It is near the Fox river in St. Charles so Harv drops me off at the flea market and he spends a couple of hours sitting under a tree fishing. When I have had enough I call him and he comes to collect me and whatever I have found that I quote "Can't live without". This works well for both of us. He will go to the odd flea market in Florida where there are a lot of men selling fishing stuff, tools, etc. Men's stuff.

This Sat. night my daughter's 3 boys are coming for a sleepover. Their parents are going to a party and night out and a morning sleep in. I have lots of ice cream, popcorn and other goodies plus she is going to bring a movie so all should be well. If I go to the flea market in the afternoon I will probably be the first asleep. I have some pics to post but I will start with a happier post tomorrow and include them then.