Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day in the 70's so we decided to go to the Kane county flea market. Well I hardly knew the place. Anyone in this area that goes there will know what I mean. apparently I must not have gone last year or early in the year because they have remodelled the place. It is so huge and with things all changed I hardly knew where to start. The one problem is thatI knew certain ladies and where they would be and that was not the case now. The one good thing is they blacktopped most of the walking ground where vendors are so that you were not walking in all that dust and dirt. Harv dropped me off about 1.30 and went fishing about 5 minutes away on the Fox River - didn't catch anything but it was pleasant plus he had a magazine and talked to other fishermen. He came back and picked me up around 4.
It is only open Sat. from noon until 5 and Sun. 7 to 4. It used to be only Sundays but a couple of years back they added Sat. afternoon and that is when we usually go. The 3 hours or so is enough for me. I did buy a few things. I bought a footed cake plate that had an edge that resembled the Fostoria American pattern that I have a collection of in Florida so it will go there. She had a Fostoria compote sitting on top of it and it was a good match. I am a collector of toile painted trays and I found an unusual shaped one. They are usually round or regular rectangles but this one was long and narrow. I have a collection in my family room here but this one will go to Florida. It will look good above a doorway in my sun room I think. Also bought my usual odds and bits. Pieces of lace, 5 jewellery pins for CQ in a bag for $9.00. I found a gal that said anything you want for #1.00 in junk just heaped up. I found the bottom of a pillowcase with beautiful crochet, a zip bag of petals and flowers in a light rose color for making flowers, a hanky with a pink & white tatted edge and she threw that in with the pillowcase end for the same 1.00. I ended up paying her 2.50 then saw a bunch of little doiles and I said how much and she just threw them in the bag and said enjoy. What fun. I find if you are nice to dealers and don't try and really argue or talk down to them most of them will treat you very well. The tray was $36.00 and I made an offer of $25.00 and thought she would come back with $30.00 but she said sure so I was happy there too. I also found a cute little shabby chic mirror with a ruffled edge for 7.00. Don't know where it will go but somewhere. When I like something I buy it and find somewhere for it to go later. Took a few pics to post here. Almost forgot my flower holder. I have one already in clear glass but this one is frosted. They look lovely with either an orchid flower or a camellia when they are in bloom in them. This one is a little larger then my other one which is good because it will hold more water.

We arrived home about 5 and my daughter and SIL dropped the 3 boys off for overnight. They went out to dinner then on to a party. The boys said they were especially glad to come as the dog went out Fri. night and came back and got in and ran through the whole house before Jon smelled it. He had been skunked and was going crazy. Got him right in the chest. apparently you could still smell it sat. thru the whole house. They have been keeping him overnight now in the kennel cage. He usually sleeps upstairs but not for awhile. Sue says from now on he goes out on a leash at night. No chasing things.

The boys were very good. I got McDonalds for them for supper and they brought a movie with them. After dinner, with their popcorn and cans of pop we all watched the movie. It was disney's Planet Eart and was excellent. It was narrated by James Earl Jones and was a documentary. Wonderful except for the 6 year old when one animal overcame another. He doesn't understand Natures ways at this age. They went to bed well and we all slept in, had waffles and their Mom came around noon and picked them up. I spent the next couple of hours changing beds and doing washing. Can't play every day.

ps I bought the bag of jewellery to get the beautiful beaded bee. I couldn't get a very good pic of it but it is lovely. the other 4 weren't bad either.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

I have one of those vases too! Mine's clear glass. They do show off a single larger bloom so nicely. Sounds like you had fun at the market and got some great deals.