Monday, February 27, 2012


The above are puffs that I sat and made yesterday. It was a dull, rainy day and I spent it all working on the puffs. They are a lot of fun. I made two kinds. The one is where you do French knots all around a large circle then draw it in like you would when making yoyos. This way when gathered all the knots are on top.

The other is cutwork done first then a small piece of whatever lace you want is put in the middle then gathered around like above. This time the cutwork and lace appear on top. I also did French Knots around the cutwork and really liked that look.

This class has been wonderful and I can't wait for the next one (Extended Embellishment) to start next week.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We are having company coming for dinner tonight and I have been finally sorting and putting away (into my sewing messy area - will keep the door closed) the lace pieces I bought last Sat. at the flea market.

I mentioned there was a bag marked lace collars but it also had other things in it and I pulled out a few things I knew I wouldn't use and gave them back to the gal so she could sell them to someone else. Still really had no idea until I had soaked, washed and let them dry that there actually were some very pretty collars in there.

I have posted some pics and a closeup pic of the one collar that I just love. It is an heirloom sewing one where all the individual pieces have been joined with entredeux to make the collar. I used to do a lot of that type of sewing when my grandaughter was little. There also was a beautiful circle of Battenburg lace that I am sure I will never cut up. Some things I cannot let myself cut. Also there was a crocheted piece made as a liner for probably a silver bread tray. I show one of the bunch of small coasters and the pile beside it of 11 in all. I have come to the conclsion lately that these were made in such amounbts to be used as coasters rather than doilies. I do not think they would make such an amount of small ones as doilies.

I also recently found 6 more identical ones to the ones I showed awhile back when I was making the centre of the crazy quilt with the Queens on them. Must have been a popular pattern with all the tatters.

Monday, February 20, 2012


This was the weekend of the Renninger's Extravaganza flea market. I went on sat. morning and found a few things but what tickled me more then anything was a little vase of flowers made out of shells. They were so unique, hand painted where necessary to define a flower and made by someone with a lot of patience. The flowers were only 5.00 and she said the vase can go with it. I didn't take a good picture of it but it is Czech glass in the pinwheel pattern. The vase alone is worth more then 5.00. I have a large silver compote filled with shells in the sunroom so I put this little vase right with it. I can't stop looking at them.

The booth where I found this I also found another great stash of lace and her prices were very reasonable. Lots of beautiful little pieces and a bagfull of old collars. I spent the last 2 days oxying and bleaching again and have another stash. I will use them in the project I am working on right now. I am working on cloth #3 and will show it to you in a day or two.

I should have added that I was in our Publix supermarket today buying a few things and I picked up a copy of Flea Market Finds and was leafing through it while waiting and what did I see but a huge 5-6 page feature on Renninger's flea market - precisely their Extravaganza weekend. I was going to buy it just to show then looked at the price of 9.99 and thought what has happened to magazines. You can now get a subrscription to many for 10 - 12.00 per year and yet they want 9.99 for one.
i put it back and thought you go there every weekend almost so you don't need the article. Rather spend the $10.00 on more lace - he he. I probably should buy it as a memento as it had a lot of references to Mount Dora in there. Will let you know if I give in.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Here are pics of my second cloth. I am still learning and still trying new things.
Karen is offering a new class starting early March and I think I will sign up. It is an extended class of this one and we will also be working on paper as she shows on her blog. that will be a new one for me.

the last pic, which should have been the first, is stretched on to a couple of pieces of cork then lightly sprayed with water. It dries overnight and you have a very nice smooth look. So far it has not damaged any of the fabrics I have worked with. I still think as a crazy quilter where you would never dream of touching water near your piece.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This post is a flowery sort. Last Monday I had our garden club circle here for a morning meeting. A young gal who owns a florist shop in downtown Mt. Dora was giving us a demonstration on flower arranging. It was to start at 10 and she would be here at 9.30. Around 10 I heard she was on her way. Around 10.30 I had a call that she was on her way but had run out of gas and had to walk to a gas station. I wondered if we would ever get going. Well she finally arrived and went ahead with the program. She did a lovely small arangement with yellow mums that you could buy as a little pick me up gift for a friend at $8.00. Very reasonable and a good idea to be able to get something that inexpensive. Second she made a large arrangement and it was very pretty. When our meeting time was almost over we started the general meeting and had yet to serve coffee and goodies. Turned ot be a little lunch for us. All was well in the long run. No one reads this from my neighbours or clubs otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned the lateness above but my heavens who runs out of gas on their way to an appt.

I had bought flowers to put around the house and I made a little grouping for the kitchen table in small bottles and vases and filled a kitchen jug with the balance of flowers. It is still looking good a week later. I took a few pictures also of the pansy orchid which is still going strong and the terrarium with its orchids.

I should have mentioned that we put our names into a dish and they drew 2 names. The little one went to one of the gals and the other larger arrangement went to Moi.
Surprise. I think they rigged it so I would get it.

I wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day. FredaB

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Here are soe pics of the first fabric I finished in Karen Ruane's class. All I have left to do on this one is to sew on the two buttons on the bottom right side once the fabric is backed. I am leaving them off to make the sewing easier. Right now they are just sitting there.

I am working on #2 and #3 simultaneously. I go back and forth. I also showed above a small sample cloth I tried out a few things before doing them on my cloth. I have more cutwork and applique to try plus chinese buttons still to do.

After starting on 2 and 3 I found that I had cut #1 cloth about 1" shorter in width and had already embroidered on the other two so could not cut them down easily. I added extra fabric on the bottom and added the lace trim plus french knots, etc.
I hope it doesn't look too much like an add on.