Thursday, July 3, 2014


June was an incredibly busy month for me.  We had a huge family and friends party to celebrate Kyle's graduation from Fremd High School.  He will be attending the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL. I never counted but guess something like 50 people coming and going. Lots of good food and seeing old friends of my daughters and their families.  Wonderful memories.

Here is part of our usual gaggle of boys and Grandpa Erickson.

Here is my daughter Sue and DIL Jeana lighting the birthday cake.

The birthday boys.  Sean turning 16 and Grandpa Phil we will not tell.

My DIL Kim and my son david came in from Minneapolis for the occasion.

This is me in the middle and a very dear friend of mine and her daughter.  We met 46 years ago when the girls were just 2.  They became good friends and went off to kindergarden hand in hand.  We moved when sue was 10 but haveremained friends all these years.

Birthday boys blowing out their candles.

The party was on the Sunday and on the Monday they had to be on the road by 5 am to get Kyle down to IL by 8.30.  Sue is standing in front of her old dorm she was in when she attended.  This is the same school Sue, my son David, her husband Jon and his grandfather attended over the years.  Jon;s father Phil broke the 
tradition  and went to an engineering school in Colorado.

Here is our graduate Kyle.  He worked very hard to get into U of I.  and we are very proud of him.  Great things ahead.