Saturday, December 31, 2011


I received my gift package around early Dec. and put it away or should say gave it to Harv to hide from me. I finally talked him into letting me open this one Christmas Eve when we were putting our gifts around our little tree for the morning.

I found many nice things inside including a beautiful silver grey silky shawl/scarf.
It is my color exactly and I can't wait to wear it. right now it isdraped over a corner of my wicker armoire in our bathroom so I can see it when I go by.

The rest of the gifts (as if I needed any after that) were 3 beaded ornaments each wrapped in a vintage hanky, a handmade pot holder (which I can use as I am short of them right now) some chocolate candies and something new to me - Chocolate covered sunflower seeds . I just opened the container and they are delicious.
also included was a home made bag containing 3 balls of yarn co-ordinating in shades of gold yellow and blues. I will make use of these one day.

I should say that this all came from a nice lady named Ellen who I believe lives in
The Carolinas. I did not keep the envelope it all came in and I went back through her blog and she mentioned driving to Greensboro to catch plane so hence my guess.

She also included a Haiko for me:

Across the country
Ho Ho Ho, Secret Santa
Merry Christmas Pal

I love her blog name: Go visit her and see what a nice group of friends she has with the same interests as her. I miss that as mine are spread all over the country. Nothing like old friends.


For some reason blogger accepted my pics then would not print them. I will try again here.
I also sent one of the round frilly ornaments I made for the other swap but forget to take a pic of it.

Friday, December 30, 2011


This year I signed up for the SSS with ColoradoLady blog run by Suzanne. We filled out a form with likes and dislikes and Suzanne sent us our partner. The cost was to be limited to 20.00 excluding postage. You could buy one big gift or numerous small ones. I went for the small idea - more fun to open.

First I started with a Christmas Box to put everything in. Then I added the above items. I hope she liked them.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


It is Christmas Eve here in central FL. and has been another beautiful day. It broke a record for Dec. 23 with 85 degrees and was at least 80 today. We drove down to downtown Mount Dora last night to look at the lights and it was magnificent. The town itself really goes all out but the really spectacular site was the Mount Dora Yacht Club.
It is probably the best display of lights I have ever seen with various themes circling all around the buildings and the lake. I am so glad we drove down as last year we missed it.

Tomorrow is our 3rd. Christmas here and we are having the usual open house dinner. I am cooking a ham and having ice cream nd cookies for a light dessert and all the balance of the meal will be brought by the people coming. It is always a lot of fun.

I am showing pics now of the domino books I made for the girls and for a friend. The girls have received theirs by now and the friend doesn't know one is coming. I had fun making them but they are fiddly things to do. I also made one for myself.

The first is the front cover, the second is the back. The 3rd is the little book opened up with various pics and the 4th. is just the paper I used for the back that matched well. I cannot take credit for this as I saw it on a blog or two and just copied as I went. Having taken the previous domino course with Roses On My Table sure helped though. I will make a couple more when things settle down and use different photos, etc.

Hope Santa is good to you all.

Hugs FredaB

Friday, December 23, 2011


If you remember from a couple of posts back, Michelle who was oe of the three ladies I swapped with, misunderstood and thought we were swapping just one item, not three.

When she discovered her error she wrote to us and I wrote back and told her to just foget it this year and enjoy her Christmas. Well a parcel arrived from Michelle and when I opened it there were 2 more really cute ornaments.

One is an ornament made from a dominoe and the other is a glistening snowflake with 25 on it. Thank you Michelle - they are both wonderful.

I will post tonight or tomorrow and show you some little things I made with the dominoes also.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


The first weekend in Dec. The Weavers of Orlando have their Christmas sale in Mt. Dora. I try and get there every year because there are always lovely things to buy either for myself or as gifts. this year was no different. I bought a beautiful beaded knit scarf and a cotton vest that were made by the members. They do beading, tating, knitting, etc. along with the weaving.

As a coincidence last winter my good friends Joyce and Pierre were staying at the Villages about an hour north of us. They came down to lunch and Joyce bought a beautiful off white scarf with a pearl knit fringe on either end. It was gorgeous.
She sent me the pattern which turned out to be the same as the one I purchased this Dec. I wanted to knit one but before you do you have to find a thread thin enough that you can thread about 950 beads onto it. I bought some I thought might work but it didn't so it went back last week to JoAnnes. I am going to have to get to a good knitting store and get them to help me. In the meantime I have the one I bought. You just sling it over your shoulders and the weight of the beads holds it down. Very neat.

I forgot to take a pic of the vest but will and will show it next time.

Friday, December 16, 2011


I had seen pictures last year on line and directions to make these paper trees out of paper back books. This year I bought the Family circle magazine and there was a tree and the directions. I made one with the tallest paperback I had and it becomes addictive. I looked through my books and found an old Agatha Christie mystery and made another. I did it while watching tv last night and it only took one hour. They are really pretty if the paper is slightly tinted as these old ones were. I put rhinestone pins on top and have put them out in my sunroom.

Also I had bought a Christmas cactus basket at the flea market for only $5.00 and it was just bursting with buds ready to bloom but you couldn't tell the color. The man said he thought it was white so I bought it. surprise it turned out to be a pink one but is very pretty. I took this pic yesterday and good job I did because today it started falling and I picked up a bunch of blooms off the floor. It bloomed about 1 week too early but maybe some more will bloom.

I have been very busy making things, mailing parcels and I don't know what all. A couple of Christmas parties in there like the Garden Club and another ladies lunch.

I have finally finished and the rest of the time is to myself until Christmas. We are having open house again this year for anyone not leaving or having company. So far we have 12 and that is just perfect. 6 around the sunroom table and 6 at the dinette table. I have bought a ham and a couple of gallons of ice cream for dessert along with cookies for dessert. All the rest will be brought by the other guest so it makes it really easy. I like this kind of entertaining. Pictures to follow after christmas.

Also I can't show what I have been making because family members read my blog so until they receive them I can't show them. Will next week. draft 12

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As mentioned below I was in a 3 person swap and each person was to send 3 items to each - or a total of 9 items sent and 9 received.

The first to come in was from Kate Hess in CA. They are in the first picture. She took an empty spool and wrapped it with rayon seam binding with a flower on top and beads and a charm on the bottom. Very cute idea. Next was a white star with tiny silver tinsel around the middle and 3 tiny jingle bells inside. Also a cute idea.
Third was a metal mold lined with netting and a christmas sticker in the middle. She used a black rose trim all around the outside and a silver tinsel edging inside.
Thank you very much Kate.

Next was acarton from Terri Lavelle of Dover, DE. She did a errific idea. She made a gift carton for her items. She covered a file box lid with stuffing to make it slightly padded then covered it with a gorgeous red and white Christmas toile. Around the outside she covered the edge with a red trim. This is going to be a keeper for future Christmases and a good idea for all of us to use. Inside she had
a snowman decorated cone, a pair of white gloves that she hand painted a snowman's face on the fronts (another idea to remember) a glass heart decorated with lace and filled with pearl beads. She also included a wooden manger scene of Joseph, Mary and child. Thank you Terri for these gifts and for all your great ideas.

Next was from Michelle Cox of CA. Michelle sent me an email when she received her parcels explaining that she had not understood she was to send 3 ornaments to 3 people. I told her I could easily understand that as it was a bit unusual and she is certainly not to worry about it. She said she would make more and send them and I told her to forget it and just have a wonderful Christmas. We need no extra worries at this time of year. Michelle made a candy cane wrapped in fabric and a chenille type yarn with a cute christmas yoyo on it and a gift box on the bottom. It hangs with a yellow Christmas fabric. thank you Michelle.

I may not have done justice to my gifts as my photography is not always the best and I have been so busy that I have rushng to get things done and on the blog.

I wish all 3 of you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Crafting New year.



Monday, December 5, 2011


This year I entered a swap online where 3 gals would swap making 3 christmas items for each other. I can now show a pic of what I made as they have been mailed out and received.

I made fabric collages similar to what I made for Jillayne's swap last year. People seemed to like them so I stayed with a proven thing. The second pic is a closeup of one of them. They all have the same angel pic as last year but otherwise different lace, color, buttons, etc.

Second were the birds I had also made previously and they have the tiny crystal at the botom with the word "fly".

The third was a paper rosette and I actually made 4. I was going to use a package of really pretty things for the middle. Well have you ever tore the house apart looking for something that you know is here but can't find. I finally gave up and used silver stars that I had and made 3 so they would all be the same. The day I mailed these out to the other gals I pulled a plastic box out from under a living room chair and they were in there. I could have screamed.

I did not put glitter around the rosettes as I have done in the past as people have been saying a lot on line about not wanting all the glitter getting all over everything and being an actual health issue in some homes. therefore I went glitter less and ho[pe they will add there own if they so please. I will add some to the 4th. one I made and it will be for me.

Tomorrow I will show you what I have received from my 3 gals.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I tried to edit the post below but blogger would only bring up posts from last Sept. back. I give up.

Just wanted to say that the collar on Marie my Mannequin and the collar on the 3rd. pic were only 5.00 for both. All the other lace pieces were 2 or 3 for 5.00 and the trims similar. I really have to cut down as I will never use all of this in my lifetime. It is still the cheapest therapy around.

I have a piece of pink and cream toile fabric that will go great with the pink and cream ribbon trim. Will make a great summer boho bag. I also bought a lot more bits and pieces but didn't take pics of all.


I can't believe it has been over 3 weeks since I last blogged. Life has been pretty hectic around here but all by my own making. I entered a Christmas swap where you swap with 3 other women and you make 3 different Christmas ornaments or items for each. I also signed up for a Secret Santa with one gal and you just fill a box with items you think she would like from the info you are given with a $20.00
limit. It can all be spent on one item or a bunch of smaller gifts - which is what I have done.

I cannot show you the swap items until I have sent them but they are being mailed tomorrow or Tues. and then next week I can show them.

I have also been looking for small bits and pieces for the kids and grandkids. At this point we are usually sending money for the parents to either buy what the kids want or to put the money towards a larger priced item they want like IPods, etc. but I still like to send a box of small items up to each family just from Mom. I do enjoy doing this but it takes a little time.

Our weather down here in Florida has been beautiful. Mainly high 70's - low 80's. I know that will not continue all through our stay but Nov. is certainly one of the nicest months all winter. We are staying down for Christmas again and I am having our usual open house potluck dinner for anyone who is not leaving or having family. So far there are 8 of us but a lot of folks I haven't talked to yet. I started decorating yesterday and have the living room area done but will do the sun room today.

Last weekend was the Renninger's Antique Extravaganza weekend. They have 3 a year. Nov. Jan. and Feb. It is the only time you pay to get in and then only at the antique end where you get hundreds of dealers. I did not go to that end but just to the flea market end which also attracts many dealers you would not normally see. I manage to buy enough stuff at this end that I don't feel I need to go to the other. I am scared of what I would see and want to buy at the other and have no will power when I see something I really like. I will post some pics of what I found.

I am starting a new venture tomorrow afternoon. I am going to learn how to play Mah Jong with a few neighbour ladies. 2 play already and they are going to try and teach a few more of us. I said I would play for 3 weeks or so and that should give me an idea if I like it or not. I don't play bridge so other then bunco which I sub for occasionally this is a game they say they have fun at. We will see. Will let you know how I make out.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Here is the picture of the book that should have been included below. I apparently hit the same pic twice.


I saw this book made into a holder on line somewhere and I wish I could give the gal credit but cannot remember where I saw it.

It is very easy to do and just great for holding tags, atc's, etc. that we receive from our talented blogger friends.

I used an old Reader's Digest book - the kind with 3-4 different stories in it.
You just sit watching tv and fold each page in half all in the one direction. When you are finished the weight of it holds the book flat.

Took maybe an hour or so. I actually made one and then thought that was dumb as now I have to carry this larger item to Florida so gave it to Sue my daughter and made another one when I got down here. I had these books in the basement but they should be available at library sales, house sales, flea markets, etc.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Before we moved down here I would not have believed there would be bears in our area of Florida. At least not until 2 years ago when the Florida black bear started leaving their usual home grounds near the Wekiva River area in search of food. We had multiple sitings last year here in the Country Club and had the pictures posted in our local newsletter to prove it. One pic had a large bear sitting on the ground atop a bird feeder he had pulled down to the ground looking for bird seed. This was a large metal pole in cement and he pulled it down flat to the ground as if it was a twig.

Last winter Harv went outside one day in the front and a man was walking his dog. He mentioned the large prints on the driveway and they both looked and they were huge bear prints. There is a conservation area with a pond and that is where they think they are living. It must have been muddy becase the prints started at the grass and came right up the driveway then swerved at the side of our house and went between ours and the house next door. We have a large pond on the golf course at the end of our lot and we assume that is where he was going. We had a lot of visitors coming around bringing friends and/or grandkids to see the paw prints which stayed until the next big rain. We were all advised that to get rid of them we had to get rid of any food. No dog food, bird food, garbage cans out at night, etc.

Well we thought that when we came down this year they wold be gone. Think again. My next door neighbour sold her house and people we know who used to live here and moved to Georgia moved back and bought her house. Sandie is an early riser as was my old neighbor Monica and she always threw our paper up to the front door for us.
Sandie has continued the tradition as she gets up at 5 when I am just rolling over for the first time. Last week at 5 she stooped to pick up our paper and heard a large growl and looked over and there was a bear. She dropped the paper and ran home. He also took off apparently when she ran. According to the local wildlife people that unless the bears attack either a pet or a human they will not try and catch them. Last winter they said a mother with cubs was here and now I believe it.
Bear sightings this summer have been for both small and 1 very large bear.

I think I will stay in after dark and stay in bed until it is light out. No problem there.


Thursday, October 27, 2011


We arrived safely in Florida. Good driving weather and not too heavy traffic. It takes 2 days driving with the first day driving about 11 hours then the second day around 8 or so. I am always thankful that when we hit the Florida border we are going all the way down to Naples or the Keys. Then we would have to add another day.

We were out this afternoon and I came home to a parcel from my daughter. Of course I looked at it and thought what is she sending when we just left last week. Always have to play the guessing game first before opening a parcel. Well I opened it and there were these 3 guys inside. She said she saw them and they reminded her of me and thought I would like them. I put them on the kitchen bar end and then looked at what was in the little glass stand and it was Easter cookies (artificial) left from Easter. We left for Chicago shortly after so I never changed them. I have seasonal ones I keep in there. I had just bought fruit so grabbed a pear and put one in there. Thanks Sue I really do like them. They are me. You can see from the pics I have the book Sue & I made on display along with some other stuff. The guy with the hat on the end of the table is actually a lamp. He has an orange bulb inside. On the outside the ribbon around the pedestal is actually purple not blue.

I have been slowly working on my sewing room trying to unpack all my stuff and make some sense of all I bought down. I am working in my mind another quilt about Queen Victoria in all light colors and am anxious to get started but won't let myself even think of it until the house is in order. Somehow I did something and pulled a muscle in my side back and have been hobbling around half dopey and smelling of liniment. I am on some heavy muscle relaxents and I know they are working as it is gradually feeling better. This has made me slow down as it is too painful not to.
Hopefully by the weekend this should get better.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011



Just a quick note to let you know we arrived safely in Florida. Left Chicago early Sat. am and was at our home in Mt. Dora Sunday around 6. Perfect sunny weather all the way and it was a good drive.

Before I left I counted the scarves I had finished for the Special Olympics winter Olympics.I had made 16 and was working on 17. Each one had to be packed in it's own zip lock bag which made them a little hard to pack down in the carton. I ended up with a large carton with 15 in and shipped it off to the address given. Hopefully they arrived safely. Who else would want 15 red and navy scarves.

I packed #16 along with us and have now finished 17. I will knit until the end of Dec. and then pack them off. I have really enjoyed knitting them. I took a pic to show you.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Here are the back sides of each page. They look better in person because of all the glitter, etc. that doesn't show up in the camera.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian family and my blogging friends. I hope you are having as beautiful a long weekend as we are today. It is Columbus weekend here but mainly schools, government, etc. get the day off. Otherwise it is just another workday.

I went to my daughters on Friday and we did more on our houses. I came home and worked about 6 hours Sat. and 2 or 3 yesterday and finally finshed my two. I won't say who the other one is for as it is a surprise.

I have taken pictures of first the fronts and second the backs of the house. The girls and I went downtown about 3 Christmases ago and had dinner and saw the play Wicked. It was wonderful. I had a pic of us outside the theatre and used it on mine. The gal to my left is my DIL Kim from MN and the blond is my other DIL from here and then my daughter Sue. It was a great night.

We had such a fun time doing this and it was so nice to be doing something with my daughter. Love you Sue.