Thursday, February 28, 2013


I was on my way to the post office in downtown Mt. Dora last Sat. and passed one of the shops on the way and there were a lot of people on the lawn and they were having a sale on the lawn. WelI stopped and was glad I did. They had tables full of stuff for $1.00, 2.00 and the most 5.00. I went right to the linen table and could not believe what I saw. There was this beautiful tatted piece that when finished would have made a basket. It was tacked to the blue paper and there was a tag on it that read Entry Tag, #37, class 5, Tatting plus one more line I cannot decipher. This was on the 1.00 table. I also found 4 or 5 other pieces of just regular doily, crochet pieces but it was the tatting piece that stopped me. I love old tatting. I just wish there had been a year on it. It looks very old and the paper is fairly heavy and it is cracking. I don't think I can bring myself to remove it from the paper. My mind starts wondering about who the woman was that made this and entered it into a fair. Did she win a prize for it? I will never know.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I showed some of the photos of my grandaughter when she was little. I was making an album for her for her 18th. birthday. Well it is now finished and I just need to find a box that fits and mail it off to IL to arrive by Feb. 20th. The cover I made for it came from a class that I am now taking called Remains of The Day by Mary Anne Moss. It is a journal class and this is the pattern for the cover of the journal. Normally your pages would be bound into the cover making a journal but in this case I started with a wire bound journal and filled it first. This cover is just a wrap to keep the book in. Here are a couple more pics of the wrap and the cover. Jenny's favorite color when little was hot pink hence the trimming around the cover.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Our garden club here in Florida meets in the morning the first Monday of the month. We met at one of the ladies houses and the program was about Ikebana or Japanese flower arranging. The lady who put on the program was not Japanese and belongs to a neighbouring club. This is her passion and she has actually studied in Japan. After her program was over we all had a chance to make an arrangement. the above red one was mine.
When we were finished our arrangment there were a lot of flowers and greens still left so she divided them up among us and the pink one was done at home later Monday. The red one is now on my coffee table in the sunroom and the pink one graces our dinette table. I think I like the look of this better then a bouquet. Only takes 3 flower stems so would be inexpensive to do. The black round dish we bought from her for 4.00 each but not having another one I used a black plastic container from the grocery. It worked.