Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have not done any more on the purse. With all the different color beads I am using I have to sit at the kitchen table to bead. I have the beads laid out on velvet on a large piece of foam board and all the bottled and packaged beads in a large tray. Yesterday I was out with Sue looking for fabric for a shower curtain and valance for her boys bathroom. They are growing up and she found pics with chess pieces, painted her own frames black and sanded them for a used look and has 3 nice ones for the outer bathroom. She found a great black, cream striped fabric that goes with the pics and she is using it with a 12" black border on the bottom. We found the perfect color cording in cream to put between the 2 fabrics and along the bottom of the valance. She has good color sense and it should look great when finished. Needless to say I went along just to help her and ended up buying a bunch of dupioni remnants, pillow forms for 2 pillows and trimming for around the flag Great Britain needlepoint pillow I did years ago and never finished. Now I will.

Sat. on the way home from my water aerobics I stopped to drop and pickup books at the library and it turned out the book sale was on. I don't know where I have been that I didn't know that. Just went up to look and came home with a shopping bag full. 2 Watercolor books for Harv. and a bunch of pocketbooks for 15 year old Kyle. He enters high school this year and is a voracious reader far ahead of his age. He has read almost all of Tom Clancy's books and I picked up a bunch of John Grishams legal thrillers. He was happy when I dropped them off yesterday. I did pick up a couple of things for me. One was a book of iron on transfers for embroidery. Flowers, butterflies, etc.25 cents. the next was a book "World of Costumes in Cutout" 50 cents.. They are vintage couples and dresses back centuries. They give you the picture, then the full instructions and the dresses to cutout and put together. They are heavy stock so you use glue. This would be fun to play with someday when I want something different then stitching. What made me laugh was the first one in the book the lady was definitely pregnant and the costume accommodated her condition. I took a couple of pics. The costumes are all lace and pretty colors and there are also pages that could be used in scrapbooking or journaling.

Well it looks like blogger did it again. The first 4 pics are sideways - Sorry. All taken at the same time the same way and 4 go sideways. Go figure.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I wanted to show you the next step on the front of the purse. This was to add the peyote stitch in matching beads to the 4 bead strips I had laid down. This was a little tricky for me as I have only done peyote stitch in the round when making a little bag years ago. It took me awhile to figure it out but once I started to get the rythym it went pretty good. Since taking this pic I have done another row of peyote on the outside of the far left strip and also couched down the peyote stitch beads I had put on. This step makes it easier to attach more rows. I need to add another row of peyote to the other 3 strips and then the fun begins as we start to branch out adding areas with loops and groups of stitches plus other larger beads we add in as fillers. The back is going to be harder as we add many more rows and it is longer because it includes the beaded flap. I am already thinking if I made more of these as gifts I might not bead the whole back just do where the brim folds over to the bottom of the brim. That is all you see on a bag when carrying it.

Hopefully I will have more to show you in the next couple of days.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have been working on the purse that is the other class I took from Joggles. Wouldn't normally take 2 at once but I wanted the purse also and was afraid it would not be offered at the next session. I have been tapdancing between the 2 classes. The flower class is on hold now until I get caught up with the purse. I was waiting for an order of size 8 beads in order to continue. They arrived today. I must give a plug for Art Beads in Washington state. They are cheap, carry a pretty good amount of beads and ship quickly. I placed my order on Mon. evening on the web and it shipped Wed. Free shipping over $20.00 and under only $1.00 in the US. It used to be free but they raised it a bit. Still very cheap. I had plenty of sizes 11 and 6 but not many 8's except for size 8 delicas which are more square cut. I love Delicas. The picture is of the front piece. You make 4 beginning rows then we start adding peyote stitch and branch off. It becomes all filled in. If you want to see the finished bag go to Joggles.com and bring up classes. They go by date and this was in mid July. It is by Christen who also taught the flower class. Great teacher. The top is not started yet but it is the same size as the back but with a flap that comes down over so much more beading on the back. I hope to get more started on the front today and then start the back tomorrow. Our last class is on tues. so hope to at least get partially done. The beauty of this kind of class is you have it on your computer and can go back and look at the lessons whenever you need to and the forum will stay open to contact Christen until the next series of classes start in early Sept. Wonder what classes will be on then. I will probably be working on the two of these in Sept. With leaving for Florida in mid Oct. I probably won't join up until after I am down there and settled. Also I do want to do a Halloween witches hat before I leave. there are a few neat ones on the web done in crazy quilting. I won't be wearing it but it will look good sitting on the table inside the door.

I also am going to post a pic of the two pieces before I started beading but the flap is turned under and the colors are very pale. The beaded pic is a more accurate color.

I should also mention that we had a terrible storm last night. Be careful what you ask for. The rain gods heard us and sure sent plenty. We received 3" in our area but to the west and south of Chicago plus downtown Chicago really got hit. For the first time I can remember they closed the Eisenhauer Expressway and part of the Kennedy. Electricity out in a lot of areas and a ton of flooded basements. Even with 2 sump pumps some people still flooded because it just came too much too fast. The lightening was horrific. A lady I do water aerobics with told me this morning she was so scared she went into her spare bedroom that only has one window and put the covers over her head. She lives alone and that makes it so much scarier. To have a hand to hold onto sure makes a difference.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am posting a picture of my 5-6 year old Endless Summer hydrangea bush that has finally started to bloom more then 1 or 2. The first year it was covered in bloom when it was first put in. Then the next couple of years plenty of green but no bloom. Then the next couple maybe 1 or 2. This year it is finally coming into its own and has 9 that I counted in full bloom and a few that are coming into bud. I have read that after the initial year sometimes they take quite a few years to really develop good bloom and I guess that is what happened here. I have 4 in various places in the back and side that grow well - never bloom. Well at least they are green.

I was reading some of my favorite blogs and when I got to Pam Kellogg's Kitty and me she had a note that she had joined the Sorority Sisters group of bloggers. That is the pic that we are seeing everywhere with the 5 friends. This is their signature pic. I used the pic in the previous post when I put it in Terri's lovely collage frame that I won. I had no idea about the Sorority Sisters. I went to their blog to read about it and joined up. One of the requirements was that you had to use the picture in some way. How about that. Without even knowing about it I had used the pic so that requirement was filled. You also become a follower of Karen the gal who is running this in order for her to keep track of us all. The next was to bring the blogger button to my blog. Haven't figured how to do that yet but will. I have already had 1 gal come visit my blog and leave a comment. I will have to start reading some new blogs and meet some of the gals. All I need is time to do all this. Still working on the flower class and the beaded purse class. I am waiting on an order of beads to continue with the purse. I had tons of size 11 and size 6 beads but hardly any 8 and 15 sizes. I placed an order with Artbeads and they told me it shipped yesterday so hope they get here for the weekend.

It is still very hot here and our garden is just completely wilted. Even with the irrigation system it is just not enough. They say there is a storm on its way from south Wisconsin right now so hope we finally get some rain. Supposed to be high 90's tomorrow.

I went out about 5 and put GrubX on the grass and trimmed back all the roses. I was just sopping when I came in. Stripped and am now sitting in a cotton robe and finally cooled off. I had made chicken enchildas earlier in the afternoon so dinner was made. Just had to pop them with some refried beans in the microwave. Put the salsa on top and they sure tasted good. Stay cool all.

I am also posting the bloggers picture.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I was a winner

Terri Takacs of the blog Lavenderbetweenthecracks.blogspot.com had a giveaway on her blog and guess who won. I was so surprised when she emailed me to tell me. I had forgotten I had entered and did not know what it was for. Well not to spoil the srprise I did not go back to her site to see what it was. The mail arrived and there was an envelope from Terri and when I opened it there was this lovely wallhanging piece she made with a pocket to post a picture in. She put pieces of sea glass on it and shells under the netting plus she used some lovely lace pieces. Apparently she had her children's picture in there but removed it before she mailed it. She said I could cut out the netting in front but I like the look with the netting. I was trying to decide what pic to put in there and then remembered I had been seeing this picture of 5 friends and I found it and made a photo. The reason this was special is it shows 5 gals apparently friends and I wanted to say what friends I have made since I entered the blogging world. I feel like I have friends all over the world and they are the nicest and kindest group of friends a person could have. Many of you I feel as if you are old friends from long ago.

I truly appreciate each and every one of you who read my blog and send me comments. I know it isn't a very fancy blog but maybe one day I will have someone help me to a better way of doing things but in the meantime here I am.

Thank you again Terri. I love it and will take it to Florida and put it in my bedroom there. I am planning on repainting it when we get there. I want a very pale gray/turquoise color. I know what I want - just need to find it.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I have spent the last couple of days making and sewing flowers. It has been a lot of fun and I must put in a word for my teacher. Her name is Christen Brown and she has a beautiful store in San Diego, CA. Her instructions and handouts are wonderful. She explains every single flower and it is quite easy to understand. I just took some pics of flowers laid out on the lace panel. Only one corner is sewn down. That is the most fiddly part is sewing them down. After they are all down I have to do embellishing with embroidery and silk ribbon embr. After that is done we are adding beads to the very flowers and any other embellishments you would like to add.

I have been working so hard on this because I started in one week late and then signed up for another of her classes. This time it is a beaded purse. So far I have made the front and back purse pieces and am about ready to start on the beading. It was crazy signing up for 2 classes almost together but that was how they were offered at Joggles and sometimes when they run a class they don't run it again for months and I want the purse as an auction item for our Quester's November auction. 2 years ago I made a CQ purse and it went very well. If anyone wants to see either of these projects go to www.joggles.com and look at classes. I wouldn't hesitate to take anything by Christen after what I have seen of her instructions. She puts a lot of time and effort into them.
After Sharon B I would have to say Chisten is the best I have had and I have had a lot of CQ classes. It is so hot here that you can't do anything outside so must stay inside and sew.

Have to take my car over to the high school tomorrow as my GD Jennie is having a car wash benefit for her flags, cheerleading group. They need new warm-up suits for this fall plus some other equipment. Can't you just picture it - 90 degrees plus, high school girls in bikinis or short shorts hauling drivers in from the road. I think I better go sit over there and watch them. Just joking - they will be supervised by Mothers and probably my Son - her Dad.

Sue came over with the 2 youngest today as Kyle is taking an advanced Geography class in summer school which will help out this fall. One course down. Good idea plus it gives them something to do. Sue says he has 1-2 hours homework with it every night. We went to the library and got books then I took them to a new pancake house that opened up the street and we had lunch. 3 of us had pancakes and Sue had an omelet. They were very well behaved and thanked me for lunch. Good kids. She took pancakes home to heat up for Kyle.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Here is the link to see the pictures that Mona took in St. Louis. Some of you will recognize people but many do not know them but it is fun just to look.


Sorry but you will have to copy and paste this.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hello everyone. I am back from St. Louis and a fine time was had by all. We left here Thurs. morning and checked into the hotel about 3.30 (about 5 hr. drive). We stayed at a Drury Inn & Suites and it was very nice. A great handicapped room for Harv. and a surprisingly young staff but they were so nice and could not do enough for you. One of the perks is there is a DVD player in each room and they had a large 3 leaf binder just full of the movies they had for you to use. We (or should say I as one of us snored all the way through) saw Invictus and it was great. We also took out Body of Lies with DiCaprio again but I got back too late to watch it. Another perk was they give you a drinks ticket with 3 free drinks or glasses of beer each every night. Could really get the girls going. You could tell by the giggles who used all three on their card. Harv appreciated a couple of beers that he didn't have to buy. They also served a great breakfast and every night they had a small dinner. Baked potatoes, chili, hot dogs always for the kids, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, etc. All free so if you were not terribly hungry there was also a free light supper.

There were 15 of us plus a couple of day trippers, gals who knew either MaryAnne or one who knew one of the Minnesota gals. They let us use a small conference room free and we had a couple of tables set up to sit and sew. Some sewed the whole time, some shopped almost the whole time and fun was had by all. I went to the antique store just across the highway and did find 2 things. One a very tall, thin silver pitcher. Very unusual shape as most of them are bowl type pitchers. This is gorgeous for flowers. Also a very old mirrored picture frame that I am going to take to Florida. Actually both will go there. Must take a pic when I open them down there. We went to Jackmans fabric store on Sat. and I just bought one piece of fabric. Turned out Lisa Caryl bought the same piece so it must be nice for both of us to think so. She has such good taste - and is very talented. Must see what she does with hers first - ha ha.
I sat at a table with Sherrill from the Bead Ranch in Oklahoma who had driven in with her hubby and Martha Green who is also from Oklahoma and she flew in. I have met Martha but did not know her well. Now I do. Sherrill also. I snapped a couple of pics and then my card was full. I charged the battery before we left but never thought of the card being almost full. It stopped after just a few pics but I did get one of a purse Martha made for herself. To you who know Martha you know how incredibly talented she is. Allie will attest to that or anyone who has had Martha when she taught at the John Campbell Folk School in the Carolinas plus other places. I don't know if she has taught at Omaha or not. She is hoping to do another class at John Campbell so watch for it if you are interested. In the pics it is Martha in the green and where she is holding the purse strap I was trying to get a pic of the medallions she sewed on the strap. Her work is wonderful.

One gal came all the way from Maryland by herself on a pair of crutches. Now if that isn't gumption I don't know what is. She did not know any of us except she has been an internet friend of Kates for awhile. That shows you the power of the internet.

I must go now and make more flowers for my lace class. Will post some pics of that tomorrow. More pics to post tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

St. Louis here we come

I think most of you who are in the crazy quilting circle know that the Omaha retreat will not be happening this year. Instead Mary Anne Griffin who lives on the IL side of the Mississippi across from St. Louis decided to try and get a few of us together for the weekend. Well 15 of us are planning on attending starting tomorrow and leaving either Sun. or Mon. am. She has a very nice hotel lined up for us and they are supplying us with a conference room that we can use to just sit around, cha, sew, whatever we want to do. It should be fun and more relaxing then planned lessons and running day and night. Getting too old for that. Harv is going with me and will entertain himself around St.Louis. He has his fishing rod packed and ready to go. He always enjoys just roaming around to see what he can. I will be spending the evenings with him so should be the best of both worlds.

Will take lots of pics and post them when I get back.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lesson 3

The above pics are what I have made with the ribbons that we were to dye in lesson 2 when we dyed the lace piece. With the amount of ribbon I have accumulated including chiffons, silks, wired ribbon and all my hand dyed silks I did not feel I should go out and buy more ribbon and start dyeing it. I am using what I have on hand. She gave a very good lesson on dyeing ribbons but for cq people who have been down that road I did not feel I needed to do that. I have not made very many. I am waiting to see what we do in lesson four with stitching before I make more. I will probably have a better idea of what I want after I see that. I am not a good class taker. I am one of those people who fumble along in class then go home and decide what I want and do it then.

The little ring with what looks like a fan I found last week in a bag. I had been making them as napkin ring holders (years ago) and they can be dyed and stiffened and I think they will now become an embellishment with a flower in the middle.

We had a great 4th yesterday. Went to my SIL's parents home in St. charles, IL. Their house is the last one on a winding country road and they are the one with the whole golf course view in front of them. In front of that runs the Fox River where they do the fireworks on a barge. They have open house and we all bring food and the kids can just run all around and they love it. We did notice last night that with having teens in our crowd now it was quieter and not as much running around. The little guys still did and had fun.

We always save desert for after the fireworks. We have coffee, etc. and dessert and wait about an hour for all the traffic on the roads around the area to be cleared out and then we return home. Left about 11.15 and arrived home about 12.05. Good time was had by all.