Thursday, August 30, 2012


Karla Nathan has great swaps that she puts so much of herself into.  The current one Karla has Fairies for the theme.  She is a great artist and she has made covers for a book and we are each sending 8 pages which will be shared so our book when returned will have the covers and 8 different pages made by others.  Karla does great watercolors and she painted the cover of the book herself and it is great.  She has near 100 participants and you can just imagine 800 pages spread around while she compiles almost 100 books and returns them to us.  What a gal.  Shealso has a great blog and etsy site.

She asked that we do our artwork on the front of the page and just put some sheet music, etc. on the back so no blank pages.  I did a fairy on the front and then used her sheet music for the back but added a little book that tells about Fairy rings. You can turn the page and read the story.  I sent mine off a good week ago so Karla should have mine by now.  I look forward to receiving my book sometime the end of sept. Her little Yorkie named Twinkie gave birth to 9 pups which is a huge amountfor this little dog.  They will have to hand feed them for the first while so the books certainly can wait.  Pups come first.

Monday, August 27, 2012


My daughter and I passed a house sale a couple of blocks from me 2 Sundays ago.  They were just closing and said they were going to have it again the next Sun.  She saw 2 wrought iron love seats outside that she might be interested in but the price was to be reduced 50% the next week.  Well I told her I would run down and make sure they were still there and I did.  I went in and the house was still very full.  It was a large and expensive house and had some great things.  But I think they had never thrown out 1 thing in all the years.  It made me feel better about my stuff.  Well they still had them  and I told her so.  She said she wold run down later.  Well I should have just bought them because when she got there someone had bought just one - the best one of the two.  She needed two so that was that.  BUT of course Mother had to look around = the Mother that is trying to clear out her own stuff.
Well I found a pile of doilies and lace pieces and for the price I could not resist them.  I also bought a 100% wool Black Watch plaid blanket for $15.00.  I hd found one years ago at the flea market and put it in the Questers Auction which we hold every Nov. and it sold for over $100.00.  Quite a few of the gals have cottages in WI or MI and wanted it for there.  We will see how much this one goes for.

I also found a wonderful picture photo buy that I will show you in a future post.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Last year I made a witches hat for my daughter.  I had seen a couple made by gals in colorado when I was at the CQI retreat.  I started with a Simplicity pattern for a child's costume and just cut it a bit larger.  I am sure my daughter did not wear it but did have it on display with the Halloween books that we both made.

I decided to do another one for a friend and here are pics of the pieced hat and the completed one from last year.  It is a fun project to do.

Friday, August 24, 2012


This picture of Harv is the one I was trying to find to show you on his birthday.  It was taken last april at a PVA Bass fishing tournament that he goes to every year since we have had the home in Florida.  You can see my smiling happy guy better in this pic.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I typed a similar one to this last night and hit publich and it disappeared.  I am having a bad time with blogger. I will start again and hope it goes thru this time.

Monday Harv celebrated his 81st. birthday.  The pic was cropped from a group pic taken in July at the Old timers Lunch some of the retirees in chicago have every summer.  On the Wed. was our 53rd. anniversery and the flowers were a gift from my son and DIL in Minneapolis, MN.  She was in town at Motorola headquArters teaching a seminar to a group of their managers and she came up Wed. to have dinner with H and I.  She arrived with this bouquet my son had ordered from a local florist and she picked it up and brought it with her. 

On Friday evening our son & DIL and our daughter and SIL took us out to a golf course for dinner.  We had a great time. We have a lot of birthdays, etc. from May to Oct. so there is always something to get us together.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Last Monday Harv celebrated his 81st. birthday

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I have finally finished my wall hanging with the cloths I did in Karen Ruane's classes.  Most of this came from the first class with just one or two things from the second.  I have never enjoyed a class/classes as much as hers.  It was a great change from crazy quilting with all the colors and decorations  I hd been doing over the past 10 years or more.  I have it hanging in my spare bedroom although the walls are a shade of white also.  It doesn't show up as it would if it were a colored wall but it will do for now.  Here are a few pics.