Sunday, December 30, 2012


Last year I found this angel santo and couldn't resist buying her.  I had the pair of crocheted wings around here for ages.  I glued them over her small ones this year and decided I liked her with them.
Two weeks ago we were out to lunch and passed the shop where I had bought her.  I ran in to just take a look and what did I find but this small marionette angel that matches her.  She came home with me also - this after saying I am not buying one more Christmas thing.
This is my little light green sparkly tree that is really pretty when lit up at night.  the size is just perfect for us now. Well that is my little Christmas show. 



I purchased this coach light from Marshall Fields downtown store when they had their first ever flea market. They sent buyers to france and they shipped home crates full of stuff for the sale.  I remember it well because it was heavy and a friend of mine and I had to carry everything home with us on the train (remember it was a flea market so no shipping except on furniture).  I loved it then and still do.  I put small plants in there in the winter but at Christmas I do different things. This little manger I was given in a gift exchange one Christmas and it seems to just fit in there. 

I found this beautiful silver tray at the flea market in November and had to have it.  You do not see rectangular ones of thi size very often.  Plus the price of 25.00 for old silver in excellent condition was very good.  You can always tell the quality of silver by the weight.  Good silver has a good heft to it compared to the newer pieces that are very thin.  I put a few of my collection of houses and trees in it on the bar stool counter where I would see it every day.  I was not doing Christmas this year for a crowd - just Harv and I -so decided to go easy on the decorating or should I say easy on me.

I bought the beautiful wings this year from Karla Nathan and just love them.  She placed a beautiful vintage flower on them.  I hung them from the large black conservatory in the sun room.

Blogger will not let me download any more pictures right now for some reason so will end this and will be back to show a few more later.


Saturday, December 29, 2012


I hve been an admirer of the work of Suzy Quaife of for a long time.

Recently she had a piece of her work on her etsy shop and that was reasonable and lovely.  It was one of her hearts and so I ordered it.  well it came in the other day and was as lovely as I expected it to be.
Dear Suzy also enclosed a bag of her mohair from her goats that she had hand dyed for me.  It is so soft and luxurious in the hand.  I will probably save it to work with on my embellisher next summer - in the meantime I can just handle it and hope I don't wear it out.

If any one reading this is not aware of her she lives in the Victoria area of Australia and has the most gorgeous garden you are ever to see.  She also kindly sent me more pictures of her lilies and roses.  Just beautiful.  I envy her her garden.  Drop in and say hello to her at the blog above.  You won't regret it.  She also included the beautiful tag.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Vickie of has a wonderful project going on thru 2013.  It is knitting pink scarves for women who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I have knit the two following ones and am getting ready to pop them in the mail.

People all over the world are participating in this project and if you can knit you would certainly be welcome to contribute.  I have done just a garter stitch on these two and added a nice fringe and they are very soft and cuddly.  Hopefully they will feel good to the 2 women who receive them. 

When I get out to buy more yarn I am going to continue knitting more.  I like doing this at night while watching/listening to tv.

I used bernat baby coordinates sweet stripes which is a sport weight yarn.  I used size 8 needles and put on 36 stitches - easy.  Knit any reasonable length - add fringe and you are done. I should have mentioned that the yarn is self striping.

I am a breast cancer survivor myself so know how these will be appreciated.

Monday, December 24, 2012


Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends and family.  May all your wishes come true.
Hugs FredaB

Sunday, December 23, 2012


I started a post a couple of weeks ago - pictures and all and when finished I must have hit a wrong button and there went my long post down the computer to no man's land.  Thoroughly discouraged I walked away from blogging for a couple of weeks.

Well I am back.  This has not been a great December with the horrible shooting and death of 26 people.  I can't get it out of my mind and it has drastically reduced my pleasure in Christmas this year as I am sure it has done for many of you.  When I heard the IRA  speech the other night with their only suggestion to putting an armed guard in every school I was very upset.  What next?  An armed guard at every dance studio, music lessons, etc.?   Every where a child would be?  Pretty soon every child would need an armed bodyguard.  I am sure you can gather from this that I am very upset.  I am trusting that our President Obama will stand up and do something to try and stop this.  I am sure we all agree something must be done.  As the mother of 3 and grandmother of 6 I say it has to stop.

I had decided not to decorate as extensively as in the past and just put out a few of my favorite things.  This I have done.  Years ago I bought 3 beautiful old Christmas ornaments at an antique show and I have always put them in my living room at home on the sofa table behind the sofa.  I have stayed down here for Christmas for the last 3 years so bought them down with me this year..  I put them in their usual wine glasses with some cellophane and they are on the bakers rack in the sun room.  They remind me of home.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

This is my oldest child David and his wife Kim.  They came down from Minneapolis to visit us for Thanksgiving.  the weather was decent - low 709's and mostly sunny.  After they left it turned much warmer and we have been having 80's.  It was good seeing them.  David unfortunately has rotator cuff surgery coming up on Dec. 11.  He is a golfer and is determined to be back on the course when they go visit her parents in Hilton Head in the spring.

We also have 2 almost daily visitors in the beautiful cranes.  They usually travel in pairs and with their young but on a recent day we had 5 adult cranes in our yard.  This is unusual and by the time I grabbed the camera they were gone.  They are lovely to see but not to hear.  they have a very raucus cry.

We also have this guy or possibly gal who comes up out of the pond once in a while and usually goes to the driveway where it sits and suns then meanders back to the pond when done.  This is the fun of having the pond in our backyard.  The 13th. tee is just to the other side of the pond and the advantage to this is we have the privacy from the golfers.  I would hate to look up and see a golfer about 3 ft. away from us like some courses have.  Here they tried to build buffers between the homes and the course.