Friday, February 28, 2014


Just before we left Florida last Spring we had a new neighbour move into the house 2 doors from us.
What I did not know was what friends we would become.  You know what it is like when you meet someone and you immediately connect.  Well that is what Charlene and I did. The fact that she likes antiquing, flea marketing, etc. certainly didn't hurt.  She had owned a antique booth in one of the local markets for 8 years and just sold it before she moved in here.  I go to that market occasionally and have probably bought stuff from her over the years.

Well a couple of weeks ago she took me antiquing to an area I had never been to before (she knows them all).  We left around 10 am and returned home at 5.30pm. Tired but happy. We had a great time including a delicious lunch at a lovely restaurant that caters to ladies.

Over the course of the day I managed to find quite a few things.  One of which I will show you today.

The above was a velvet covered board with  all the beautiful lace pieces taped to it.  there are 14 pcs.
in all and a great assortment.  This cost 20.00.  I was more then happy to pay that for them.  The board will come in handy to film other items on.

This closeup shows the one long piece in the middle.

This one shows the very pretty white one.  I did have a very similar one that I used on a Christmas cone.

I can certainly use them in my cq work and lace books I hope to make.

I have more from that day that I  will show you soon.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Hi Kim and my faithful friends who visit.  I am feeling much better with my arm and can now stitch and sew without pain.  I have no real reason not to have posted except I really had not much to show until the last couple of weeks.

I made the following in Karen Ruane's SS3 and today signed up for SS4.  I am addicted to Karen and her beautiful sewing ledger keeping.

I made the above 2 pieces of lace fabric from pieces of lace that I handstitched to dupioni silk.  I intended to do FME on both and then hand embellish.  The bottom one is the the one I did FME on first and I was not too happy at the way the strip responded.  It gathered it too much in the middle and then on the ends I could not follow because of the limitations of the hoop. 

 This is the first piece before any hand embellishment on it.

 I just did hand embellishment on it with french knots following one of the lace patterns, then bullion loops and web stitches on one of the rows.  No FME (free machine embroidery for those who do not know).

 This is the second piece before I did any work on it.

This is after the FME and you can see where it gathered in the middle.  I did the usual hand embroidery
on it as above and then I added 3 silk hexagons and I ruched a piece of lace at the top left and anchored it with French knots.

It has been fun getting back into this.