Tuesday, October 30, 2012


My daughter and I had a play date one day last week.  She came over with a bag of lace pieces and I hauled out some of my stash and we started.  I made 1 for myself and Sue actually made 3.  It is a great way to use up small or even half a piece of lace.  Here are some pics of the lace scarf itself and then some of the lace over one of my tops.

Great idea for Christmas gifts for you gals who have lace.  You can decorate them any way you want, buttons, flowers, etc.

Sorry for the sideway pics.  I do not know how to turn them when this happens.  If anyone does, please let me know.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I decided to make another Boho bag to take to Florida with me.  I had a great piece of fabric to use for the front and enough of a black jacquard fabric for the bag, gusset and handle.  I had a great picture of a gypsy girl that I wanted to use so the colors went well with the material.  I made a flap and crazy quilted it around the pic and then lined the back of the flap with the same black fabric.  I am trying to use fabrics that I have around the house and deplete the stash.  I found a great trim at JoAnnes yesterday and some cording that matched also.

The 3 pics I will show are the flap once pieced,  then crazy quilted an the 3rd. is the gypsy girl.  She photographed very light but is definitely better when seen.  I have just finished sewing on the trims to the flap and will finish the bag tomorrow then take another picture of the finished bag.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The Halloween hat I was making I said was for a friend.  It was actually for my DIL in Minneapolis but I wanted to surprise her.  She reads my blog and so does my son so they can keep up with what is happening with us down in IL.  It was her birthday Oct. 20 so the hat was finished, packed in a box and ready to ship Tues. afternoon when I went out.  Well Tues. morning I get a call from Kim (my DIL) and she is coming to Chicago on Tues. night to work with Motorola for 2 days.  Well the Motorola head office is about 1/2 mile from our house.  The last time she was there she came for dinner.  This time she just said she couldn't do dinner but had something her Mother had given her and she was giving it to me and would drop by on the Wed. night after she left M.  Well I took the hat out of the carton with her card and birthday check and kept it for her.  When she came in Wed. she saw it and said I saw that on your web and said I wanted one like it.  Well surprise it was for her.  She was happy with it.  She bought me the present which was a beautiful Irish linen tablecloth covered in lace complete with 6 napkins.  I believe it is a luncheon set from the size.  She said I could cut it up and make things with it but now that I look at it it would be very hard for me to cut it. Her Mom was just going to give it to Goodwill if I didn't want it.  I am going to take it to Florida and see if I can use it down there,  Forgive me but I forgot to take a pic of the hat but it was the same almost as the one I made last year for my daughter.  Just small differences.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Here are the last of the Gibson girls.  I hope you have enjoyed or been able to use them.

Monday, October 15, 2012


My daughter belongs to a Garden Club and they celebrate Christmas with a wonderful luncheon and auction where they raise funds to finance their endeavours all year. The lunch is always held at the famous Medinah Country Club in the Chicago area. I have never been to the luncheon with her as I am always in Florida early Dec.  She signed up to organize one of the baskets and she decided on a French - Vintage type.  We found a wonderful mid size suitcase that was covered in Paris ephemera and she decided this would make a perfect "basket".  She had been in Paris in April with 2 girlfriends for a 4 day mini trip and hence decided on the Paris theme.

I offered to make her a fewChristmas items to help fill the case.

I made a travel bag, a cone and a Christmas stocking.  I used the same lace on the stocking and the cone that I had been saving to use on something special.  It is old and very pretty.  On the stocking the flower on the toe is from the same piece even though it looks paler.

I have been very busy trying to get this and a few other things done before I leave for florida for the winter on Nov. 3.  After poslting I just noticed the tip of the cone has gone a little wonky.  I had told Sue to sew a pearl on the tip so I am sure she will un-wonky it before giving.  I actually made 6 of the cones as gifts.  3 I took to toronto for SILs and my maid of honor 53 years ago.  Two are destined for gifts down here.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Sorry I have not put more of the Gibson Girls on sooner so here are four more.


We had a great trip to Toronto to visit family, old friends and two new friends.  We always stay at a Holiday Inn near my late sister and my BIL Bill.  We are no longer able to stay with them or any oher relatives due to accessability for Harv in the chair.  We did visit a lot and went out to restaurants for lunch or dinner.  We are able to get in through the garage to the family room of Harv's youngest  sister Beth.  His other sister Joan came down from Barrie (about 60 miles north of Toronto) and our nephew Scott came over from his office to have lunch with us.  It was so nice to see them all.

The new friends are Mary Anne Richardson of Magpies Mumblings and her husband Jack.  MA and I have had an ongoing correspondence re crazy quilting and other meanderings.  We both were in Karen Ruane's first and third class.  MA brought her class projects down with her and also her journal class with Carol from New Zealand.  I wanted to see it as I am going to sign up for this once we arrive in Florida.

MaryAnne brought me a beautiful gift she had made.  It is a dress form made out of white dupioni and decorated with bits of lace and ribbon.  It is going to Florida with us.  For MA I took up a JoAnnes bag filled with sewing threads, fabric and lace.  I know MA does not have access to these items as readily as I can and she was pleased.  MA lives in Lindsay, Ont. which is about 80 miles from Toronto (Am I right MA).  They drove down to the hotel to meet us and we spent a couple of hours while the two guys talked fishing, etc. and sat with eyes glazed while we chatted away.  We then went to a delightful lunch after which they left to return home and Harv and I back to the hotel.

It is always such a pleasure to meet some of our blogging friends.