Monday, April 29, 2013


I added 2 squares together in the last pic so I could have the peacock coming over both.


I said in a recent post that I was going to pack away my squares and finish them when we get home to Chicago.  Well I was cleaning out a bit in the sewing room and came across a container that had a lot of stuff that I could use on these blocks.  So I went ahead and worked on them and they are just about finished.  I may add a bit or take off a bit when I am home but here they are for now.

I entered 4 to make sure they came out and will now add the other 4.  They are 6 -  8" and 2 - 8 x 11
for the sides to match the original stone angel picture.

I see that in pic 2 that he little MOP leaves look yellow.  They do not look yellow in reality.

Friday, April 12, 2013


When we were returning from Daytona we stopped at the local flea market and the only thing I found that I wanted was this picture of the 4 gals.  I assume they are wearing mourning clothes all being dressed in black.  I thought they were probably sisters but at a second glance the lady on the right sitting down may have been the Mother.  What do you all think?

I thought it would make a good Halloween pic so please feel free to download it if you like.

3 weeks tomorrow we go home and I am looking forward to seeing my kids, grandkids and garden.
It will be interesting to see what is coming up in the garden and speaking of growing things - every year I am amazed at how much each of the 6 grandkids have grown in 6 months.  This year none have been down to visit so it will be a surprise.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Here is the newest addition to my daughter's family of boys.  3 boys, 1 husband and 1 new pal for them all.  His name is axel and he is a rescue dog.  He is a labrador between 2-3 years old.
She was put in touch with the family who was fostering him after his family lost their home in a foreclosure and just went off and left him.  Neighbours were feeding and looking after him because he was such a nice dog.  The woman who fostered him said she had never had a dog as nice as him.
Axel. She kept him while Sue & family were gone on Spring break then delivered him last weekend.
My daughter says he is so great with the boys and is a treasure.  Can you imagine people just going off and leaving him?  They could have at least taken him to the human society and told them they couldn't keep him but he is now in a loving home.
I can hardly wait to get home and see him.