Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday morning is my flea market morning. Here in Florida we are fortunate to live just about a mile down the road from Renninger's flea market. I go there after reading the Sunday paper and usually making a large Sunday breakfast for hubby and I. Sometimes I find great buys and other times just wander around and alays visit the farmer's market for fresh fruits and vegs. at about half the price of our supermarkets. Our prices for food are as bad in Fl. as they are in Chicago and sometimes even worse. Grapefruit over $1.00 each and at the fleamarket 4/$1.00. I eat a half every morning while Harv is the juice guy.

Today I found a white wicker end table that will go nicely between my 2 white wicker rockers. We were fortunate to be able to store all our lanaii furniture in a neighbour's garage while our room was being built as he is not coming down until Jan. I owe him a big favor.

I also bought another set of storage drawers on wheels - 4 small and 3 large for only 7.00 plus a bag of various beads, sequins, thread, a ton of stuff for 3.00. Also bought a beautiful 2 strand vintage necklace from a gal that runs a vintage clothing stand for 8.00. That is my kind of shopping. Will get the camera out and take pics one of these days. Getting this far right now is an accomplishment.

I have been stitching a bit in the evenings on a Christmas stocking that was a kit from Vickie Brown in 2003. I am a little slow it seems. It is turning out nicely and I think will become an auction item either for Questers or for Women for Hospice. Both good causes.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

When my son & his wife were here this past week we took them to visit a delightful town not far from Orlando called Winter Park. It is an upscale
town with a main street called Park Avenue. It has some delightful shops, a few out of the ordinary. It is the home of Rollins College which is a private school with an 1800 student enrollment. Cost 45,000.00 per year. We are well past that and grandkids not ready yet so won't be considering that for awhile.

It is the home of the Morse Museum of American Art and has one of the largest collection of Tiffany glass plus the paintings of Louis Comfort Tiffany. The best price is admission is only $3.00 per person, $1.00 for students and children under 12 are free. They also have a great gift shop with reasonably priced gift items. You can enter the gift shop without visiting the museum.

We had a nice day around 70 and partly sunny so took the boat tour. It is 10.00 per person and they are pontoon boats that seat 18. The tour is wonderful. It is one hour long and visits 3 different lakes thru small canals where you can reach out and touch the foliage. The narrator tells the story of various homes, Rollins college, etc. that you pass. Little info is that Mr. Rogers of television fame and his sister both attended Rollins. They actually rented a house so he could bring his grand piano with him. Don't think he spoke of that on Mr. Rogers show.

It is also the home of the Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden. We ran out of time and did not do this. Will save it for another visit. I have been to all of the above before with our garden club members and enjoy them.

Speaking of gardens Orlando also has very near Winter Park the Harry P Leu Botanical Gardens. Also very nice to visit. Not too large.

These are just a few ideas for anyone coming to Orlando and has access to a car. It is a nice change from the Disney options plus a lot easier on the pocketbook.

Still no sewing today. Spent the morning still putting up Christmas decs and the afternoon at Handy Andy's (hardware store) buying fans, lights, etc. for our new sunroom which should be finished this week. Fingers crossed.

Friday, November 28, 2008

I have to amend that to read towels. I really did give them more then one. Must learn to check spelling in future.
Well here I am on day 2 with not much sewing to report. Cleaned the bathroom and washed sheets, towel, etc. after our guests left this morning.
This afternoon I started putting out some Christmas stuff. I actually only have 2 weeks more here then we fly back to Chicago Dec. 14 and return the 28th. Hardly seems worth it but I do enjoy them and will take some pics and post when finished.

Not quite used to this blogging yet but will give it a try. I sure enjoy reading so many of the gal's blogs that hopefully someone will enjoy mine.

Time to go join hubby and watch a little tv and stitch a little. I listen, he watches and tells me if he thinks I have missed something. Can't beat that.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Welcome to my blog. A little bit of my sewing, crafting world.

It is Thanksgiving night and the turkey bird remains are in the fridge and we have just finished our pumpkin pie. #1 son is helping me to set this blog up. He and his wife leave in the morning for Minneapolis after a few days in the Florida sun. Heaven help me when he leaves. Hope I can continue with this. I should add that he was here since Sunday and I had the idea to set up a blog around 9pm on thanksgiving night and he was leaving Fri. am early. I am surprised he helped me this much. Why didn't I start last Mon.? Didn't think of it until thurs pm.
Here is a picture of a purse I just made and it was auctioned off for my Questers group in Chicago. It sold for $55.00. I was pleased with that.

Will sign off for now and hope to start showing you some more of my work as I proceed with projects and keep you posted with what is going on in our lives.