Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today's post is about a wonderful stitcher named Addie Mangoian Davis. About a month ago I was contacted by a friend from my smocking days who knew I did crazy quilting and she asked if I would join her demonstrating cq stitches at the Highland Park Historical Society in Highland Park, IL. HP is on the north shore of Chicago and home to the famed Ravinia outdoor concert venue.

I said I would and when I arrived and saw the wonderful exhibit of Addie's work I was so glad I had been asked. Otherwise I would not have known about her and/or the exhibit.

I have copied 2 pics from the brochure they were giving out and hopefully you will be able to read about this lady. Click on the pics to enlarge enough to read.

The funny thing that happened was it got my interest raging to make a copy of an old
cq with just fancy stitching and embroidery but not a lot of embellishments like we are currently using. The beauty of Addie's quilts is that they were made from 1980 when she started until the present and yet when I looked at them I would have sworn they were dated from the late 1800's to early 1900's.

Yesterday I pulled out a couple of cq books for ideas to get me going and I had the Penny McMorris book and was looking through it. I got near the end and what did I see but 4 pages about Addie and her quilts. They showed 2 different ones. I did not remember ever seeing them in the book before but of course the name would not have meant anything to me. Apparently she and Ms. McMorris corresponded and she must have been asked to contribute to her "now famous" book.

It is going to be hard 1) piecing by hand which I have never done before and 2) hold myself to very little embellishment except stitching. I remember when I did 2 blocks for Cindy Thury Smith to replicate an old quilt for her Historical Society that it was hard to stick to strictly stitching. Well we will see after I have pieced the first block whether I will continue or give up the idea. Watch for future announcements - haha.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


The first weekend of the month there is a gigantic flea market held at the cty. fairgrounds in St. Charles, IL. It is open Sat. afternoons and all day Sunday. We usually go out on Sat. afternoons. St. Charles is a lovely town on the Fox River and Harv loads up his fishing gear plus a new magazine to read in the shade and first he drops me off at the flea market then he goes over to the river about a mile away. We both have our phones on so after about 3 hrs. we connect and I tell him if I am ready to leave or when I want to leave.

The first weekend in August we went for the first time this year and I had a wonderful time plus found some things I really liked. There are people from all adjoining states who come in to sell their goods. They even have nurseries there selling bushes, etc. I bought a gorgeous pink rosebush to replace one in front that did not survive the winter and also he had a couple of miniature hostas which I have been in love with the last couple of years. One came home with me but I haven't planted it yet. Still in the pot but doing well.

I found a women's high top lace up shoe. It needed cleaning and white shoe polish which I will do when I take it to Florida. I tried cleaning it and the leather was so soft it was almost taking the leather off. Like doeskin gloves. I also found a shelf with an old mirror on the front of it. She had a pair of them and I was going to buy the pair but a lady had come up just as I was looking and asking the price
of the pair. This lady said she wanted only one and the women would only sell them as a pair. The other gal said would I buy the pair and she would buy one from me. I felt bad for her so did that. I hope when I get to Florida I won't be regretting my decision but it was my good deed for the weekend.
I can't remember now all what I bought but will post the pics from that day and see what comes up. I had forgotten about the beautiful piece of tatting that I found. It deserves to be put in a frame also like the fan from Florida. I will see if my daughter would like it for that.
I also found a couple of great old pics, a pretty cup & saucer, a large green canning jar (I have a lot of the green pint ones but this is the big quart size) and some doilys, etc. The terrarium is going to be painted white and a plant put inside it. It came with its own tin liner so no problem about watering. Well I think that is about all except for little bits and things. All in all it was a great day.

Monday, August 15, 2011


52 years ago today my guy and I were married. The years have flown so fast it is hard to believe. They have been 52 wonderful years. We are very lucky to be so happy. We have 3 children and 6 grandchildren and I would not change a moment of it.

Saturday was also Harv's 80th. birthday. We did not have a family celebration because we just had one 2 weeks ago plus our middle son and his wife were in Las Vegas this weekend celebrating their 25th. anniversery and my daughter and family are on vacation down in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Our youngest grandson was worried that Grandpa wasn't going to have a birthday cake so I took a pic of Harv with a piece of Banana Cream pie with a candle and sent Tommy a picture.

A bunch of Harv's buddies that he lunches with in Chicago in the summer invited us to lunch to celebrate his 80th. A few of the wives came along and we had a great time. They bought him a new Bears hat, a Soduku book (to keep his brain from rusting) and a nice bottle of wine. They have all been friends for many years - they played handball, golf, tennis together for years until Harv could no longer play. Now they lunch once a week. We are very blessed to have such good friends and family. Here is a pic of part of the group with Harv at the head of the table and me beside him in a black t-shirt.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


The weather here today is just beautiful. Sunny and 75 degrees inside and out. I went down to WalMart and bought the last 5 of their bags of mulch. I bought 8 bags last week and pulled weeds in a front bed where I planted new hydranges this year. I used mushroom compost and the weeds just thrived. I spent an hour or two pulling weeds then filled it with mulch plus around the roses in front. Hopefully this will keep down the weeds. Thank goodness I enjoy gardening. Today I spread the 5 bags around the side of the house and it just disappears. I could use another 10 bags or more so will have to hit Lowes or Home Depot and get more.

On my way home from water aerobics on Sat. mornings I pass so many garage sales. I have stopped at a few and had fun making some purchases. I took a few pics of some doilies and especially the heart shaped pansy one. I have seen so many in the round shape and have cut many apart for the pansies but have never seen one heart shaped before. I don't think I could cut this apart so will have to use it in something where the whole piece will go.

I have a collection of M.A. Hadley pottery from Louisville, Ky. I started it many years ago and always stopped at the pottery on our way to Florida and back in the old days. I have the collection down in Florida now - it was bought for our cottage in Wisconsin and I saved it. Glad I did. Well I stopped at one garage sale and nothing there for me until I spied a quart Hadley jug. $3.00. Probably 25-30$ even at the factory store. I couldn't believe it. The pattern is different from mine but the colors are always the same. Mine is the farmer and his wife plus all the animals. This one will fit right in.

Also found a little cheese set that I can use for a small cloche display. I can picture a little bird nest and bird, etc. under the glass.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We have had a lot of rain this year and then along came July with temps in the high 90's hitting 100 one day. The one good thing about all the rain is that it is wonderful for all the trees, shrubs,grass which are all looking good. Also a bumper crop of weeds. I mentioned earlier that I had 2 hydrangea bushes around the side of my house each side of the air conditioner unit. They had never had a flower on them since we moved in 15 years ago. This year they both had flowers. They started out blue and are gradually changing. My bush in the front of the house just exploded with flowers this year. It is one of the Endless Summer ones that bloom on both old and new wood. I have had a few blooms each year but this year is unbelievable to me.
It is about 5-6 years old so maybe it just took its time.

I took my camera out the other morning and took a few pics. Every year I buy a hibiscus tree and they bloom wonderfully all summer long. Around about the 4th. of July this poor tree had hardly a leaf left on it. I think it was just too much water. I almost threw it out but then thought I would just let it stay there and see what happens. Well one month later it is covered in both leaves and blooms. The rains slowed down and the heat came on and so did the tree.

The impatients in the flower boxes and in baskets are doing well but the ones in the ground are just sitting there not looking any bigger then when I planted them back in May & June. Guess you win some and lose some.

Friday, August 5, 2011


I posted pictures of my version of a boho bag then kept looking at it and thinking it just didn't have enough pizazz.

I added 3 more trims and changed the lace piece. I added a very small one around the bottom and sides of the bag. Then I added the bright color fuschia and the long blue trim. The lace piece was from a lace cravat I have had for years. I used to wear this under a suit jacket to dress it up a bit. I changed the flower to a pearl pin and put the flower on the back.

See what you think. I used it today but it felt very floppy to me. I probably should have used some pellon but thought it would be too stiff. You can't win. This was my first one so hopefully I will get better. I will call this my practice piece. I really don't know if I like it any better then before.

The lace looks in the picture like it hangs below the bag but it doesn't. It was just the way I was holding it. It stops before the trim around the bottom.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Last winter in Florida I found this old fan at the flea market. There was a tag pinned to the back that read "To Emma love Mother". It was so faded you could hardly read it. If I remember right I paid 16.00 for it and it is worth every penny. I wasn't sure what I would do with it but didn't want to just put it in a box
with other pieces so left it out where I could keep seeing it. I thought I would take it and have it framed but knew it would cost a small fortune. I was at Michaels a couple of weeks ago and saw shadow boxes on sale and found one 20 x 16. I called Harv and asked him to get the yardstick and give me rough measurements. He did and I thought it would fit. Well I bought it home and the other day took it apart and fitted the fan on it. The fabric backing of the box is made so the velcro prickly side sticks to it. I used what they gave me down one side and raided my stock and used more in the middle and up the other side. I am very pleased with the way it turned out except when hung the lace flipped down a bit. I think I will have to put a couple of little touches of glue on the lace to hold it. Any other suggestions? I did have to take the picture sideways as both myself and the sheers kept reflecting in the glass but this one isn't too bad. Just the one spot of light to the side.

It is hanging in my living room and now I am trying to find a place for the picture I took down which is one I have always loved. I am sure it will go somewhere.

I remember being out at Judith Baker Montano's home in Colorado and being intrigued by the art in her house. Every kind and everywhere. I have to loosen up and take her idea and hang more.

Monday, August 1, 2011


We had another family get together at my daughter's home on Sat. to celebrate her oldest son Kyle's 16th. birthday. There were 15 of us there - missing a few usual friends and relatives. Kids coming and going to camp, etc. It was a great time except very hot so we did the whole party inside except the younger kids wanted to eat out by themselves so we were happy to let them. 2 8 year olds sitting at one table on the lower deck chattering away about who knows what and the 4 older cousins sitting at the upper patio. Finished off with cake and ice cream. Can't beat that.

When we arrived home I picked up the mail from the box and there was my packet of tags from Karla Nathan and the birdsong swap. Karla does a wonderfl job on these swaps and it must be a ton of work for her. I opened mine and Karlas was right on top of the bunch followed by 7 others. Each one so different from the others and all gorgeous. So many good ideas to learn from. I took pictures you have seen above. Hope you enjoy them also.

I threw in a picture of my hydrangeas with some variegated hosta leaves.