Saturday, June 20, 2015

Downton Abbey RR

This is the block that was with her others that was lost.

I have been in a round robin based on Downton Abbey this past few months.  It is the first one I have entered in about 15 years or when I was a newbie.  I think it will be my last.  There are 5 of us in this RR = should have been six but one gal had to drop out before we started hence 5 of us.  We are to do a block a month and we work on one entire block then mail on to the next person.  When finished we will receive 4 finished blocks and one left to be done by ourselves.

All was going well until May 19 when I mailed a large envelope with the block I had just finished from Mt. Dora to Jackson, TN.  It was supposed to arrive 2-3 days later and still has not arrived.  The post office is supposedly doing a search for it.  I feel very bad because 1 gals 5 blocks were in there. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will find it somewhere and it will be returned.

The following 3 blocks are the ones I have completed with one more block to be done that I have not received yet.  Here are the 3 I have done.

 On this block I did a lot of beading around the flowers in the center.

Thisone was fun to do.  The only thing I am not sure about is the small flower applique I put on the bottom left of the picture.  If she does not like it it can easily be removed.

This is just a section I accidently downloaded.

You can tell I had a little downloading problem. Hugs Freda

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Here I am again.  I still have the cold and the black eye but am slowly improving.

In April Renningers had their vintage garden weekend and it is always lovely with lots of flowers and antiques worth buying.  I had just about made it out with a few small things and then I came upon this lst booth.  I looked at what was hanging and could not help myself.  She had 2 jackets and 1 skirt that she was selling for the maker.

I ended up buying a jacket and skirt.  They were brand new and signed Forever Yours b y Karen.  It was dated 1994. 21 years ago.  Apparently the gal used to make these and ship them to 2 boutiques in the Carolinas.   They sold in the $200. plus range at that time.  I paid $100. for the 2 pieces.  I have worn the jacket and may never wear the skirt.  It is very full and if I do I will probably remove a couple of sections first.

I wore the jacket to the annual garden club luncheon that Sue belongs to and it is held in the private Inverness Country Club in Inverness.  Sue is a member and takes me for Mother's Day every year.  I just made it back in time for this year being later coming home.

I have snapped a couple of pics then Harv took a couple with me wearing the jacket.  Here goes:

Being a sewer myself I was very impressed with the way she had put these together.  Very good workmanship.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


We made it to Ireland and back and learned far more about my Father's family and life then we knew before.  It was a wonderful trip with my daughter Sue.  Just know that if you travel with someone that much younger they will run the feet of you.  One day we walked almost 6 miles and another day about 4.
We spent 2 nights in Dublin and 4 in Belfast which is the area where family came from.  I had been to Dublin before but Sue had not.  She planned our itinerary and kept me hopping and we saw far more then I would have ever seen by myself or with Harv.  We took the train from Dublin to Belfast then same on return with a taxi from there to the airport.

Everything went very well.  Hotels we picked were great except the Dublin one was better then the Belfast one for less money.  Speaking of money - Dublin is on the Euro while Northern Ireland is on the British pound.  Had to keep switching back and forth.  The people at both could not do enough for you. Very accommodating.  All the people we had contact with were very friendly and when they heard your accent went out of their way to be helpful.  Taxi drivers supplied us with Irish history.

All went well until Sunday night (we were leaving Monday morning back to Dublin and home) we took a tour of the northern Antrim coast which took us up to the top of Ireland.  At some points you could see Scotland in the distance.  We left at 9.30 and arrived back at 7.00 pm.  We got off the bus and crossed the old cobblestone lane to get a taxi and my foot caught in one and down I went.  I landed on my left side and my face hit but not my head.  I was okay just a little shaken but got up and caught a taxi back to the hotel where they kept me in ice packs to take down the swelling.  Monday morning I woke up with a magnificent black eye.  Here is a selfie I just took of myself.  I am living in sunglasses - sun or not. 

I also caught Sue.s cold and now when I cough I have to hold my sides and ribs and please don't make me laugh.

I will be back with some pics when we get them altogether.