Thursday, September 20, 2012


Sunday afternoon we celebrated 3 birthdays at my daughter Sue's house.  Two 10 year old boys and 1 old grandma (me).  The boy in the red shirt is my grandson Luke (Sue's youngest boy) and the boy in the blue is his cousin Jimmy.  Their birthdays are so close together that rather then have 2 family parties we all just celebrate together and make 1 large party.

The next pic is of my grandson Sean (Luke's older brother) andf I didn't realize how tanned he is until I saw his picture here.  He is a soccer player plus he referees (helper) on other soccer games.  The oldest boy Kyle I did not get a picture of this time.  Maybe next time.

the girl is my one and only grandaughter who will be 18 in Feb. and is a senior in high school.  She is thinking of Bradley University in Illinois where her brother is a sophmore this year.  Time really flies when the youngest is 10 and the oldest in college.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Sorry that the pics were omitted from the earlier post.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The hat is almost finished.  I just have to write some words (embroider them) near the pot and add bits to it and then my least favorite part is putting it together.

Here it is so far:

I also have purple glass leaves to add to the tree.  Just remembered.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Portraits 3 & 4

Here are portraits #3 & 4 for you to see.  Please copy if you feel you would like to use them.

spent the day from Dr. to Dr.  Eye Dr. in the morning then to kill time I went to TJ Maxx and spent some money.  I was pleased as I found a nice black skirt that is light enough for Florida but still okay for when I am here.  Also bought a cardigan chanel type jacket to go with it.  Harv shouldn't let me out of the house with time to kill.  After that to the dermatologist to have 2 spots removed and he found one on my back that he said bothered him more then the front ones.  Good job he checked me over.  Will know in a week if they are all negative or not.  If not he said it would be just bazel cell cancer and would be removed with no problem.

Girl #3 is labelled "the Day Dream" and # 4 is "H.R.H.".

Sunday, September 2, 2012


At the house sale I founda portfolio of 12 Gibson Girl photos by Charles Dana Gibson.  The 12 in the portfolio were made in 1909 for subscribers of Colliers Magazine.  They had 70.00 on it but because it was 50% of that sunday they were down to 35.00.  They are so lovely I couldn't let them go by.

They were made to be framed and I did see individual ones framed on Ebay.  I have no where to hang them but I can copy them and use them in CQ sometime.

I am posting the portfolio and the first two of the girls.

The first one is called "A daughter of The South".
The second is "Not Worrying About Her rights".

I will continue to add them until I have shown all 12. ENJOY!

The prints measure 11 1/2 x 16 1/4.