Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Decorations

It just dawned on me that I took pics of some of my Easter decorations then never put them on the blog. I will be taking them down Tues. or wed. so it is now or never.

I put my new picture with the little display on the front hall and the color worked in well. The next pic is of artificial cookies I bought from the same store where I bought the stand a couple of years ago. I have an artificial valentine cake and regular cookies for anytime. Just a bit of fun. The next is an old English egg holder for soft boiled eggs probably but when we have them I don't get that fancy. Plop one in an egg cup and the other on the plate. The china basket bowl is on the bakers rack in the sunroom. I bought this at a ladies sale many years ago and right away I thought Easter basket. I fill it with grass and some of my hand smocked eggs. It is the only time I use it at Easter. The next, if they come in order, is the same rack with an old collapsible paper basket with eggs. First the basket folds up then both sides fold over and the eggs are gone and it is perfectly flat to store it. I bought this at the Kane County flea market a long time ago. I think I paid 5.00 for it. The bunny is a candy box bought last Easter. It reminded me of the Bunnykins china pattern that I bought for my daughter all her childhood and even a little later.

Well tomorrow I have our garden club end of the season potluck luncheon. We actually go through May but have it in april to coincide with our board changing. Every two years it changes and this is the year. I have an appt. after to have my stitches removed. thank goodness as it is so itchy it is driving me crazy plus when I go anywhere with the big 3x4" bandage on my forehead I get lots of looks. I will have to wear it tomorrow to the luncheon but so be it.

Hope you all had a happy day.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lovely decorations. I'm afraid I don't decorate for Easter (or Halloween) any more. Once the boys left I lost the incentive. However, if grandchildren ever come along, I know I'll get it back!

Maggi said...

What lovely decorations. Hope the stitches get removed painlessly.