Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nothing new to show as I am slowly working on my butterfly quilt squares but until a square is finished I think you wouldn't be very interested. I am going to show a few of the things I have made in the past. Today is a needlecase I made for a swap. I used 2 co-ordinating fabrics and I used the embellisher on the fabric. I made little silk ribbon flowers wherever there was a flower on the fabric on the front.. On the back I did some more embellishing on the machine with gold ribbon, angelica fibers, beads and silk ribbon.
The third picture is the middle where the needles go. I used felt as I was in Florida when I made this. When in Chicago I would have used some of my wonderful stash of Australian doctors flannel I believe they call it but felt will also do the job. Now I see this I am thinking I should make a couple and just have on hand for little thank you gifts. Also looking at it it could be turned around and either side could be the front or back. Your choice.
The weather is gorgeous here today. It is 76 in the shade with a dry cool breeze. I taped a large plastic painters plastic between two trees and gave my front wicker rocking chair a new coat of paint. I washed the seat fabric
and it is in the dryer now. The original chair was white and was covered in a white with tiny pink & blue flowers that was the fabric in my daughters room. It is still in good shape. I made cording and made it like an upholstered cushion. Now I just wrap the fabric around it and fold the fabric like an envelope and close it with large safety pins. Looks just as good. This chair has some history to it. A very good friend and I used to live a couple of blocks from each other and we both liked the flea market so we would head out to St. Charles, IL to the Kane county Flea Market. It was about a 1 hour pleasant drive. It is often written up in the country mags as one of the largest in the US. Well this Sun. it was near the end of the day and I saw this black rocker and it had a broken runner but the wicker was in good shape. The owner did not want to take it home again so sold it to me for $15.00. Well home we went and good old hubby fixed the runner. I sprayed it white, made the cushion and it spent a good many years in my dauhter's room. When we moved into this house 13 years ago I did not have room inside for it so decided it would look good on the porch but not in white. Out came the black paint and new fabric and the chair had another life. Today was just a little cosmetic facelift as it looked a little droopy. Now it looks good as new just needs its cushion. Don't you just love flea market stories.
I should also mention that this friend retired many years ago to Sarasota, FL and we still remain friends. She just emailed yesterday that they are arriving in Chicago July 31 and staying with her daughter who lives right in St. Charles. She mentioned she will be going to the flea market. I can't meet her there because we have a birthday party for our 14 year old grandson. It would have been like old times.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lovely needlebook! I really enjoyed your story about the chair too. Wish we had good flea markets up here like there seem to be in the US. Then again, maybe it's better on my pocketbook if we don't!

Gina E. said...

Loved the flea market story! (And the needlebook). You remind me of a friend who scours her neighbourhood everytime the local council have a kerbside collection (this is stuff that people throw out, but is too big to go in their wheeliebins). My friend picks up all kinds of things in her station wagon, takes them home to mend and repaint, then holds a garage sale and re-sells them!! I admire anyone who can recycle furniture like that.