Friday, December 3, 2010


I believe this deserves another post today. For any of you who follow baseball and especially Cubs fans in Chicago, we just saw on Harv's laptop that Ron Santo passed away today. We were both shocked as we did not know he was that ill. Ron played with diabetes from his very early days and did a tremendous amount of work with the Juvenile Diabetes Assoc. to raise money for research. He eventually lost both legs to it and the fighter he was just attached the 2 artifical ones and kept going. He had heart problems also and we just found out he was diagnosed with bladder cancer recently. He broadcast throughout the season with occasional times he did not travel with the team. He died apparently from complications of the bladder cancer. I guess that great heart in the man just gave out.

I am not a great baseball fan but always had the kitchen radio on to hear the wonderful banter between Ronnie and Pat Hughes. They made a wonderful comic team and made it enjoyable.

Goodbye Ron and I will miss you come next summer but will remember all the laughs we shared with the 2 of you. I just noticed in the picture of the cousins Harv has one of his Cubs shirts on but you can't see it clear.

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