Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well today is the 12th and almost the halfway point. Today's box is very cute. It has a round pic of a little girl's face and she has a red sparkly tree and a white snowflake.
Inside the box is lined and a Merry Christmas pasted inside. The present is a sweet button combo. It has a white MOP button on the bottom, then a red one and a green one topping it off. They are all 3 wired together and the wire makes a hanger. This would be great on a Christmas stocking or Christmas Tree skirt - which I had said I had made my last one after making 3.

Also I almost forgot until last niught about the drawing on the 11th. for the Giveaway of the Brooch Kit. Well there had been 69 comments since I posted about it and I told the Mister to pick from 1 to 69 including both. He picked 37. That was My Crafty Little Page. It is one of the gals from the matchbox swap who came to tell me she had received one of mine. I do not know her name but do have an email address so will notify her today.

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