Friday, December 24, 2010

DECEMBER 21, 22, 23 & 24 matchboxes

I apologize to the gals who made the above boxes tht I wasn't able to get them on until tonight. I waited to add the 24th. to-day then there will just be 25 tomorrow.

They are all wonderful each in its' own way. #21 had a beautiful ring of brilliants with her # in silver glitter in the middle plus some German paper edging along the bottom. Inside was a pretty little angel face wearing a halo with pipe cleaner arms & legs. Really cute.

#22 was very unique in the way she had rounded the corners and made it into a book by drawing lines along the top, bottom and sides. Very clever. This is the only one I received like this. Great idea. Inside was a little glass vial with snow inside. Thank you but that is where it can stay.

#23 had a beatiful flower on the front with rayon ribbon , glitter thread and green leaves. Very pretty and sparkly. Inside was a clock face made on a scrabble tile - E to be exact.

Box #24 was really decorated very pretty. Paper over the box then a band of red print paper with a circle cut out of a dictionary with Santa claus as the word in question. This was printed on a round sticker then it was all wrapped with red and white twine put through a button and the 24 tag tying it all up together. Such great ideas these gals have all had. The present inside was a ring made from buttons. Another first.

Well it is time to go spend the rest of Christmas Eve with Harv and watch some Christmas caroling or service probably on PBS. Hope Santa is good to you all in the morning or tonight whatever your tradition.

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