Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My camera stopped working yesterday because the battery is dead. I went to find the charger and I cannot find it anywhere. I am wondering if I left it in Chicago. I have looked everywhere and in everything for it and no luck. Until I either find it or go out and buy another one there will be no more pics. You know the minute I go buy one the other will show up.

I can show some of the flea market things I found on Sat. Some I haven't photographed yet.

I was looking through a bag of lace pieces, cloths, etc. and the lady said I could have the whole bag for $20.00 then said oh heck how about 15.00. Guess I didn't look excited enough. When I came home I through it all in the wash and hung it over a small rack to dry. There is a picture of laces and things on the dryer then there is a pic of 4 different collar, nightie tops that were in there. Everything washed up really well. I had soaked it for awhile in a OXY cleaner and that took a lot of grime, etc out. I would say for 15. I got my money's worth. By the way the orange ribbon was in the bag made into a large bow. I almost threw it out until I undid it and found about 3 yards of 6" wide ribbon. I will find somewhere for this next Halloween.

Next is a large glass floor flower holder (or table for a monstrous room). I thought of my daughter's house immediately but was trying to think how to get it home to her in one piece. He wanted 30.00 for it and I offered him 20.00 and he even carried it back to my van for me. When I got home I have a small corner nook where I did have a black stand with a small glass holder. I had to fill it with glass marbles to hold the flowers in. I grabbed the bunch of flowers and put them in and it fit in the corner perfectly so I guess this will not be going home. Sorry Sue. I think I need a little more filler so they won't sink in so far.

I found this little hanging fixture that I assume you would put a candle in. I liked the
crystals woven through it. It was 8.00. I am thinking of re-painting our bathroom and I would like to do a wall of decorative mirrors. I have 2 collected already and with them I think it would look good. I will be on the prowl.


Createology said...

Loving your newest "old" treasures. Seems like you did get the best deal. Enjoy...

maggi said...

What a bargain for all that old lace and I just love your Victorian cones.

Debra said...

OK, that's it! I'm coming down tomorrow so we can go flea market shopping!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm with Debra - I want to come & shop at your flea market!! You certainly hit the jackpot with all your goodies this time. Hope you find your cord.