Saturday, December 4, 2010


Another beauty opened today. It has a beautiful snowflake on the lid of the box and when opened there was a gorgeous silver charm all ready to attach to a charm bracelet. I do happen to have one so it will have a home after Christmas.

I am also posting pictures which people may find very strange for our part of Florida. We have BEARS. Yes I said Bears and they have been right here in the club and been seen and people have actually taken pictures of them. We have a small forest like strip of land between our house and the next section of houses. We are the last house right next to the forest. Well past thurs. someone put their garbage out Wed. night (which we have been asked not to do) and one of them hauled it into the forest and pulled it apart for the food. 3 doors down across the street the same night our neighbour with a bird feeder (no food in it for the same reason) found it bent right down to the ground Fri. morning. Well this morning when Harv goes out of the garage he can see large paw prints coming right up our drive and probably over the grass between the 2 houses and to the pond behind us for water. I have been told there are 2 males and a female with cubs. they say they will not bother you but if she has cubs and you get near them I would think you had better watch out. I took a couple of pics of the prints so you can see the size of them.
We are about 45 minutes north of Orlando, Disney world etc. Not what you would picture as bear country. The rangers will not take them away unless they attack someone or perhaps a dog or cat. Not sure if they would do that or not. Always something going on
around here.


Angela Weimer said...

A beautiful matchbox and treasure.
Sounds like you got your hands full with your visitors. thanks for sharing and have a great day. Angela

Cathy K said...

What a fun Advent project you got into, and I’m enjoying you post your different matchboxes every day, LOL! Scary about those bears - be extra careful! Take care, dear one. Hugs, Cathy

maggi said...
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maggi said...

Beautiful matchbox and such a lovely charm. The bear sound scary. Sorry about having to delete the previous comment, discovered some typos!

Lyneen said...

Lions and tigers and BEARS OH MY... I just watched the Wizard of Oz last night and that is what came to mind when I saw the word BEARS. Be careful.

Lovely match box and heart.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Bears? Yikes! Not something you expect to see in your area I wouldn't think. Take good care.