Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Time is flying by and we are up to #8 today with a matchbox with a jolly Santa on the cover. It is by Kelly Moore of Calif. Kelly did a nice job of lining the inside also and the gift was a hairpin with a pretty rosette on the end. I don't usually put anything in my hair but I will try it out. Can't you see me with my new dangling earrings and my hairpin - yoo hoo.

Just in case you think I just sit around and open matchboxes I did take a couple of pics of some works in process. I am making some Christmas cones decorated with old lace. I have covered them with sequins and beads around the pic I printed on fabric then sewed down. I love this little angel - I think of her as my winter angel. I am using the wool type batting about 1/8" thick then lining it with the heavy interfacing to keep the shape. So far I haven't done any extra embellishing. I will finish all I am going to make then do that. The pics makes the lace look a bit wonky but it was because I tried to flatten the cone a bit to take the pics. Will keep you posted on them as I go along.


JoAnne said...

Nice matchbox from Kelly. I love your cones! Love your matchbox too-it's my day #8!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

The matchboxes are so much fun - I think I'm enjoying the opening *almost* as much as you are! Your cones are looking lovely - I really like the image you're using.

maggi said...

Love your cones and another cute matchbox - you are having fun.

Jillayne said...

Love your cones Freda! That angel is a beauty and I can see why you want to use her - a winter angel indeed! I'm enjoying seeing all your matchboxes - must be a fun Swap!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

What a great swap you chose to be part of, it's like Christmas everyday for you!!
Your holiday cones are so sweet - that is one of my very favourite Christmas images.
I have used simnilar ones on some tree decorations I made for my granddaughters.
Shane x