Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Christmas is slowly fading away but before we finish with it I would like to show you a couple of pics of cards received and of the family pictures that came with them.

My daughter is into scrapbooking and always makes the most beautiful cards. The first pic is Sue's green card with the decorated snowflake. I don't know if you will be able to see the embossing but the green is embossed with different snowflakes. Great job Sue.

Next is from my DIL Jeana who did not make this but always picks out gorgeous cards to send us on different occasions. This one has an actual little wooden sled on it that tickled me so. Especially this year with Chicago under snow over Christmas and the kids tobogganing and sledding.

The 3rd. card came from a friend in Naples, FL and I picked it because I just liked the idea of how they had the house hanging seperately. We did receive many beautiful cards from all our friends and family both in the US, Canada and overseas.

The next pick is of our six grandkids. The top pic with the 3 boys are Sue's children and this photo was taken on vacation this summer in Mexico. Kyle in the back is 15 and just entered high school. Sean on the left is 12 and just entered junior high. Luke is 8 and also in 2nd. grade.

The bottom photo are my son & Jeana's three. The redheaded fella is heading off to college next fall and his sister will be a junior. They will be 18 and 16 both in Feb. Little Tommy is 8 and is in 2nd. grade. This pic was taken recently when the family room was decorated.

They are a really nice bunch of kids and we are very proud of them.

I started knitting a scarf last night and got so involved that I forgot to blog. First day this month that I think I have missed. The scarf is for the Special Winter Olympics and they tell you what colors to use and give various patterns to use. I just found out about this so not sure how many I can get done by the time to mail them which is the end of Feb. in Minnesota. Ill. they had to be in in Jan. So thought I would try to make a few more and will send them further north. They started this last year I believe and every entrant received a hand knitted or crocheted scarf. If anyone else wants any info on this I can give you a site to go to for info.

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maggi said...

Lovely cards and the pattern for that scarf is great, no wonder you forgot to blog.