Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Todays box is by Sarah Sommerville. Sarah covered it in pretty paper and then put on the glitz. She made a disk for the number and a cute flower with a button centre.
The gift inside is a pretty tag with a tree to hang on your tree. Very nice Sarah and thank you.

I put up my small tree outside in the sunroom that I had bought last year. It is about 3-4 ft. high and prelit. This year I covered it with silver snowflakes I had actually bought now to make ornaments and never used. You know how that goes. A couple of weeks ago at the flea market a gal was there with the most beautiful chandelier crystals. All shapes and sizes. I bought a lot of them and they were not cheap but I couldn't let them go. She may never be back there again. Well they were all cleaned and hung on the tree and then I added the old fashioned silver tinsel. They are probably hard to see in the pic but do look nice. I took one pic with the lights on and it turned out also.
Under the tree I put part of my antique village with the old Santa and reindeer. I see you can now buy new ones at JoAnnes and Michaels but I like the old made in Japan ones from the 40's and 50's. Have to get back crafting trying to finish a few more gifts up and get them in the mail.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Chandelier crystals are gorgeous and are perfect for a tree. Great idea!!

Debra said...

I'm sure everyone is happy to see you back shopping at the flea market!