Friday, December 3, 2010


We had taken some pics when my cousins were here but they were not on my camera and Harv was at poker last night so could not get them from him. Here is one - It is my cousin Ernie and his wife Adele to the left - his sister, ny cousin Gail and I am next to her at the far right. Harv is in front of us. Gail's hubby was taking the picture.

Next I could not tell you who made the day 2 matchbox and ornament because I did not have a name in it. If anyone who sees it and gets one like it (there will eventually be 25 of them out there) would let me know as I would appreciate being able to thank the gal in person.

Here is today's matchbox and it is as great as the others. All different ideas. The present inside is a darling pair of earrings. They are dangles with a pretty green tree shaped stone and above is a small silver star. I hope you can see them in my pics. I nortmally don't change my earrings very often and usually just stay with the same old studs but these I will wear. They are dangly but dainty.
They were made by a gal named Sandi Colins.

I have put away the middle of my quilt as I have too many other things going on to concentrate as I should on it. I started doing beading and the silk ribbon and am not sure if I like what I did so off it goes into the cupboard. I think January is a better time to be thinking about it. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow or something like that.


My Crafty Little Page said...

Hi Freda - Just stopping by to let you know I got your matchbox today. I love all the sparkle to it and the black and white is perfect. Thanks, Nancy

Lyneen said...

A Sweet Box... love the earrings... What fun... I received your box #4 Love my little snowman... THANKS

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What sweet little earrings! It must be so much fun to open the little box each day. The anticipation would kill me!!