Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Here I am with a few more flea market finds and still a couple to take pics of when I find the charger or buy a new one. The first pic is of 2 boxes for presents and they were .25 each. The next is a book I bought a couple of weeks ago and it is from 1932. Says so right on the cover. The inside page says it is the Society of Silent Unity. Anyone ever heard of that. Paid 2.00 for it just because I was curious.

The next was a very large box of beautiful Christmas tags and only a couple were missing.
I used the one with the pair of mitts on one of my daughter's packages. The next pic is of the Santa tag and he even has a string of lights attached to him. Some of these could be used for matchbox covers or at least the idea could be copied if they do the matchboxes again next year. Poor Linda is probably shaking her head no at my remark. It is like having a baby - you forget with time the labor that is involved. Well that is my brilliant quote for today.

Harv just reminded me that he has a camera that I could use - DUH moment. Tomorrow I will have 3 matchboxes to show.

Debra and Mary Anne both left comments that they would like to come on down and go flea market hunting with me. Wouldn't that be fun for a bunch of us to get together and go to some of the big ones around here. I usually just go to our local one but within an hour's drive there is one somewhere every day. Considering Deb is in Houston and MA is in Ontario, Canada it doesn't seem likely but the idea makes me feel good.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wouldn't it be so much fun to go fleaing? I would LOVE it (and probably spend a small fortune!). Flea markets in this area are for fleas - most of the stuff on offer looks like it would only be fit for fleas and not for humans (even with a ton of washing). It's either that or it's 'new' and nothing that I would be interested in. They charge top prices too.

lizzidroege said...

hi freda,
thank you forthe wonderful comment you left me, this project was so easy the globeis just a dollar fish bowl i found at the dollar store they also carry them at craft stores and maybe walmart, the box is just a chear papermache box or theyhave little wooden ones also from a craft store(acmoore) i hope to see yours if you make one they are sooo pretty im thinking of makingone for me!!!!


maggi said...

I love the idea of a magazine of mental sunshine, something that we can all do with at times. great finds from the flea market. I do wish we had those over here.