Thursday, December 23, 2010


I thought I would show a few more things I have picked up at the flea market in the last few weekends. The first is a old hankie box with a ballerina on the front. The minute I saw it I thought of Cathy Kezarian and her hankie collection. I thought I had a lot but she beats me. When I see something that I think someone would like and it is inexpensive i usually buy it and surprise the person with it. I did that with this box and Cathy just received it Tues. and loved it. The old saying "It is better to give then to receive" is so true. It makes you feel so good.

Next I found a butterfly house to put in the sun room. It was 3.00. I had a real one in my backyard at home on a tall pole and along came the woodpeckers and pecked holes in some of the slates, I am assuming to get in there. It went in the garbage this summer.

Next is a group of old bird picks that I will use somewhere - sometime.

The box is a beautiful wood though you can't see that much of it. The slats can be removed and hung up and down and then would be four shelves. Or it could be hung sideways and remove every second or so slat and you would have more shelves. I think this will go back to Chicago as it would go better with my stuff in my family room at home then in here with all the white. The emblem on the bottom says made by the Napa Valley Box Co., Calif. I wonder what this would have been used for. Any ideas anyone?
5.00 was the grand price for this.

I have opened 3 more matchboxes and only 2 more to go. I will use Harv's camera tomorrow and do the 3 sitting here then just the 24th. and 25th. to go. What will I do with myself with no surprises to open.


Jillayne said...

You're so right Freda - it is much better! I love to surprise people with gifts that are just perfect them and althought it doesn't happen all that often, I always enjoy it when it does.
Merry Christmas to you and to your family!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very interesting box - I'm curious to know what it was originally used for too. The hankie box is also something that is new to me - I've never seen anything like that here. Your butterfly nestbox is so pretty - certainly wouldn't be putting that one outside for the woodpeckers to peck holes in! Merry Christmas to you & Harv.

Debra said...

Thought about you today while organizing my blog with quilt pictures. Thank you for all the blocks you have sent for quilts. Happy Holidays to you and Harv!