Sunday, December 19, 2010


Todays box is another very cute one. I think the scrapbookers are out in force. We have a little Christmas Tree Fairie on the box and she is wearing a hat with a small tree on it. Lots of glitter around but not too much. Very nice. The gift inside is a tree dangle ornament made with various beads and a jingle bell on the end. Boy we sure should be jingling around here by the 25th.

Well yesterday I went to the flea market and this is one of my finds. It is a Hallmark Advent tree and each handle has a little box you pull out and there is an ornament to hang on that day. The days are all mixed up over the tree. I spyed it at the back of her stand and said what did she want for it and she said she had been asking 20.00 but wanted to get rid of all her Xmas stuff and she had a lot. She said 5.00 and I grabbed it. She is a local gal and said when packing the ornaments were wrapped seperately and she had forgot to bring them. I didn't even think of ornaments. I thought maybe you would put a candy in each one. Guess you could do that also. She will bring them in January or leave them at the local antique mall where she has a space. It was Harv that said wouldn't the matchboxes fit on there - even some of them? I didn't think so but started and by golly I think I got 17 on and then sat two under the tree as presents. That is what I will do with the rest. I put a couple of the little presents where I thought they would fill in. I must go look for a nice doily to put under as a little tree skirt.

I am finished ordering, packing, shipping and making things. The rest of this week should be nice. Harv and I want to see the King's Speech with Colin Firth but it doesn't start until Christmas Day. We both grew up under King George until he passed away so this is right up our alley. That new True Grit looks like it might be good also. Will have to see when that starts.

I have a bunch more flea market pics to put on later or tomorrow.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

You certainly found a treasure at the flea market - so perfect for your matchboxes. Really wish we had flea markets here that were half as much fun as the ones you go to!

Linda said...

Love your last 2 matchboxes- such fun images! The tree is such a great find!

Linda said...

Freda, Imagine my surprise when a box arrived at my home today with the lovliest of cones inside! Oh my goodness! Thank you so very much! It's even more beautiful in person! You are so very thoughtful to think of me! (And you could rest assured that I would LOVE it since I commented on it!!)Serendipity!

maggi said...

What a great find and the ideal way to display your matchboxes.