Saturday, December 18, 2010


Another cutie opened today. It is a picture of a little boy wearing a Christmas hat in green and the word Peace beside him. It also has some mistletow, red ribbon and a jingle bell. Inside is a little snowman ornament. This was made by Erica Hofstetter of Texas.
Thank you Erica.

I went to the flea market today in the pouring rain. Well it wasn't pouring when I left so you all don't think I am mad. It had been raining and stopped and Harv said it has stopped and looks like it is clearing so why don't you go. Well away I went and by the time I got there it was just spitting. The 3rd. weekend of the month Renningers always has a larger antique dealers affair at the other end from the flea market. Well luckily there are a few areas that have roofs over them plus all the regular inside buildings where the really nice antiques (read expensive) are. Well luckily I was inside one of the covered ones and it started to pour. It didn't stop me as I found quite a few things that I really like plus a bunch of old lace pieces, nothing wonderful but for CQ and other bits they will do great. They are all soaking in the washing machine as I write. I am getting leary of bringing things home that can't be cleaned, washed, hosed down, whatever. The bedbug stories going around Chicago when we left were horrendous. They say heat will kill anything so you could also just throw things in the dryer on hot if it can stand it. I am probably being paranoid when I think of all the fabric and laces I have lugged home over the years but these pieces could use some cleaning anyways.

When it is light out tomorrow I will take some pics and show you some of what I bought.
One thing relates to our matchbox swap.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I know what you mean about the current bedbug scare - I never used to think about such things either, but now I was everything I possibly can. Sure gives you pause for thought before you even think about staying in a hotel or motel doesn't it.

Shawnee H said...

THANK YOU for my Day #18 matchbox. Love it!!!