Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Time has just flown since we returned.  The first week always does with all the food shopping, cleaning, getting organized, etc.  I have had my dentist 6 month cleaning this week so that is behind me.
Harv went the next day so he is done also. 

My daughter has done a tremendous amount of work for this trip.  She just found out last night that my Father's family moved from their little town to Belfast and has the address of his house.  It turns out that it is only about 2-3 blocks from our hotel.  I couldn't believe it. We will definitely go by there.  Apparently it is for sale and I suggested to Harv he might want to buy it.  I better not get any ideas.

We leave Monday 25 and return Monday June 1 so it will be a quick visit.

Will take lots of pics and show when we return.  Hugs Freda

ps - I am feeling back to my old self.  Thank goodness.

Monday, May 11, 2015


It has been almost 5 months since I last posted and what a 5 months it has been.  First we flew home for Christmas to be with Sue when she had her surgery.  We were able to spend Christmas with the 2 families and our 6 grandkids.  The Mon. after Christmas Sue had her surgery and I was so glad we decided to go up.  She had a very bad surgery - much more intensive and invasive  then her colon surgeon had anticipated. As he said, you never know what you are going to find until you get in there.  He found a massive tumor which had invaded her colon and bowel and it all had to be removed.  The one good thing is there was no cancer.  She was in a lot of pain that they could not control well and both Jon and I took turns being with her until the weekend after when she went home on the Sunday.

The horrible thing was Jon's Father Phil had a massive heart attack on the Fri. morning (the day after New Years) just as I arrived at the hospital they had called Jon and he left immediately.  His Father passed away before he got there.  Phil was cremated and Ann had a Memorial Service for him the following Mon.  Sue could not attend because she could not get around.  She did put together a wonderful family eulogy that a good friend of the family read.  We were all there and there were more people then I have ever seen at a funeral.  They invited all back to dinner at a nearby restaurant who could make it and I believe there were around 120 there plus all the ones who did not stay for that.  In the midst of this there was a raging snow storm and I wondered if we were all going to make it back to our homes.   It is usually about an hour drive from  St. Charles to our house.  Took us about 2 hrs. going 20 miles per h r.

  We stayed in Chicago a couple of weeks then back to Florida.  Sue had to go in for reconstructive surgery 6 weeks after and we did not go up for that.  She has healed well and we are so thankful.
Jon had a business dinner in Hawaii and they decided to take all 3 boys (school breaks all co-operated) and they had a great time.

I continued to have some health problems with my shoulders, neck and a persistent migraine type headache that played hell with me off and on for months that meds could not take away.. Some days I could hardly move my head. We took x-rays and finally an MRI and found that  I have 3 degenerative disks in my neck at C3 to C6.  They sent me to a pain management Dr. and he has started a series of epidural cervical shots.  I have had 2 - 2 weeks apart and my 3rd. is tomorrow morning.  This is why we are still in Florida.  They have really helped and I am feeling like my old self for the first time since last year.  Until then I did not feel like blogging, talking on the phone, etc.
I am also on muscle relaxants  3 times a day.  Will see what happens when I go off them.

I did continue working on my hexagons when I could and finally finished last week.  They were such fun to work with I hated to see them end.  I actually made more then I needed for a wall hanging and I will have to find something to do with them.  I have one idea that may work.  If I can remember how to post pics I will do so.

It was such fun working with colors like orange, lime green, hot pick, etc.  Have no idea where this will hang but someday maybe one of the grands would like it for an apt.

Thank you for being my friends and inquiring about my health as some of you had wondered where I was.  Well FredaB is back and I am also on Facebook.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


It has been 2 months since I have blogged and what a 2 months it has been.  I was suffering from back pain spreading into the legs and buttocks for awhile when we first came down to Florida late Oct.  Since then it became worse and I started on a series of tests, x-rays, scans, therapy and finally an MRI which showed 2 things causing the pain.  One is a cyst on my L3-5 spine area and the other a protruding and degenerated disk at L5-SI - both things pressing on nerves which cause the pain.  I am on pain pills and an exercise program to help alleviate it.  Next are shots in the 2 areas to see if that works. This will not happen until I return to Florida.

Next I was shopping in an area about 15 miles from Mount Dora and luckily Harv. was with me as he was going to get a haircut and then we were having lunch.  After coming out of the store I almost collapsed and was having a TIA.  I felt the numbness in my tongue, arm and leg but got in the van and told Harv.  He immediately took me to the nearest hospital.  By the time we arrived and they got me inside it had resolved itself.  A very small blood clot must have caused it.  They took every test imaginineable and could not find any cause for it. Also there was no lasting damage.I spent overnight there then they released me the second night.  Nothing to do but take a baby aspirin a day.  I feel fine and hope this is the end of it.

We also lost Harv's youngest sister Beth in Toronto in early December.  She was ill and taken to the hospital.  She was just there for 3 weeks and they determined she had Lymphoma cancer and before they could start treatment she passed away.  Her body was so weakened.  We were all in shock.

My daughter phoned me last Sunday night and informed me she had had a colonoscopy and they had found a small mass (oxymoron ?) that showed benign on the biopsy but has to be removed.  She is going in for surgery Mon. Dec. 29th to have it removed.  We immediately booked air tickets and flew home 2 days ago.  We will be with all the family for Christmas and also here for Sue and will stay a few weeks while she recovers.

All in all this is why I haven't been blogging.  I have been working on my hexies and have about 30 done. Working on them has kept me sane. When I return to Florida I will take pics and post them for you to see.

Merry Christmas to all my dear cyber friends wherever you are and hope you are able to enjoy your families and good friends at this time of year.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Here are three more of the hexies that I have finished.  I have 11 finished with the black border but have not done the feather stitching around them.  I am not sure if I want them all one colour or various colours.

10 pieced and embellished waiting for the black backing and 33 pieced waiting to be worked on.  Also 6 half ones for the filling in of the sides.  Depending on how large it will be I will not know until I get to Florida.  We are leaving around the end of the month.  I have 10 more pieces of muslin with the pattern drawn on them and will piece them if needed.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Here are 2 more of the hexies.  I have roughly 12 made and completed with the black backing.  I have made another 30 or so that need to be embellished and finished.  I am working on trying to get all of them pieced before I leave for Florida so I do not have to take all the fabric with me.  Just the thin batting and black fabric.  The problem is I do not know how many I will need for a wallhanging until I get to Florida and see where it will hang.  I also have not done the featherstitching around them.  That will be great for sitting and stitching in florida in the sunroom.  Great light.

I am wandering my kitchen trying to shut doors that do not exist. I told Harv we are like trained monkeys used to things one way only.  I am doing a great clean out which has been long needed.  I wish I had taken some before pics so I could show you the after.  Will show you that anyway.

I have not pressed the edges after sewing down.  I am not sure if I should or if that would make it harder to fit into each other.  I laid out what I had made so far and they fit nicely.  So far so good.

I believe in my first post I said the hexies were like little works of art.  I did not mean that as such.  I meant that each one is like a little story in itself.  Just wanted to clear that up . Now to the sewing room to piece more.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Not much new except I lost a crown and the tooth had to be pulled.  No problem except that tooth has to be added to an existing bridge.  Always something.

  1. Here are 2 more hexies that I have finished.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

kitchen re-do

We are working on updating our kitchen and had the painters in yesterday.  Same color as now but nice and fresh.  I found a company that refinishes existing cabinets if they are good wood.  Ours were solid oak and weigh a ton.  There are 36 cabinet doors and 24 drawers. They took one door and did a sample and I was amazed at what a beautiful job they did.  They even filled in the holes from the old knobs so that you can place new ones anywhere you want.  I have picked a colour called Whiskey Maple.  It is a little darker then the existing oak but also has the glaze over it.  They come into the home and refinish all the existing wood that is exposed.

They tell me they will have it all done by the time we leave for Florida which will be in a month or so. I also have to go out and buy new handles or knobs. We will talk about the counter tops in the Spring. I will get a new sink and faucet then.  My counter tops look like new and are a plain almond colour but the kids say they have to be marble or stylestone, etc. to stay with the times.

Well back to sewing.  I have been working hard piecing the hexies.  I want them to be all pieced before I leave for Florida so I don't have to take all the fabric with me.  Bad enough taking all I do take and even then what you want is never where you are.  Joys of being a snowbird.

Here are 2 hexies I have finished.