Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sorry about that.

This is one of the flowers I made in a class with Christen Brown.  I have a bag full of various ones that I will use on this project.


I have been gone for so long that some of you will not remember me.  I really did not have too much of interest to show you but now I am cqing again.

I have been watching Viv from Australia and her hexagons she has been sharing on CQI..  She is doing a fantastic job and she did post a tutorial on how she does hers.  I also saw the book Foolproof Crazy Quilting by Jennifer Clouston which is all about the hexagon quilt she made.  This is one of the best books on CQ based on the fact that she supplies plenty of patterns and also cq instructions for  25 hexagons.  This would be such a help for a beginner and is certainly a help to us oldies when we run out of ideas.

I decided to make mine out of jewel and very bright fabrics and it gives me a chance to use  some of my considerable stash of fabric, threads, beads, etc.  I will outline all mine in black which will make the colors stand out.

Here is the first one I have finished.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


June was an incredibly busy month for me.  We had a huge family and friends party to celebrate Kyle's graduation from Fremd High School.  He will be attending the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL. I never counted but guess something like 50 people coming and going. Lots of good food and seeing old friends of my daughters and their families.  Wonderful memories.

Here is part of our usual gaggle of boys and Grandpa Erickson.

Here is my daughter Sue and DIL Jeana lighting the birthday cake.

The birthday boys.  Sean turning 16 and Grandpa Phil we will not tell.

My DIL Kim and my son david came in from Minneapolis for the occasion.

This is me in the middle and a very dear friend of mine and her daughter.  We met 46 years ago when the girls were just 2.  They became good friends and went off to kindergarden hand in hand.  We moved when sue was 10 but haveremained friends all these years.

Birthday boys blowing out their candles.

The party was on the Sunday and on the Monday they had to be on the road by 5 am to get Kyle down to IL by 8.30.  Sue is standing in front of her old dorm she was in when she attended.  This is the same school Sue, my son David, her husband Jon and his grandfather attended over the years.  Jon;s father Phil broke the 
tradition  and went to an engineering school in Colorado.

Here is our graduate Kyle.  He worked very hard to get into U of I.  and we are very proud of him.  Great things ahead.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bridal Bag

Hi My Friends.  I have been gone for over a month and feel bad.  Unfortunately life gets in my way and computer problems do not help.  We left Florida mid May and returned to our Chicago home. T here is so much to do here when we return in the spring because this is where my garden is.  In Florida it is hanging baskets and indoor orchids and plants in the sunroom so is easy in comparison.  Ourdeck was in terrible shape and needed both cleaning and staining.  Our deck is very large and covers the complete back of the house with 3 step down levels.  I could not find anyone interested in cleaning.  The kids were all still in school or not home yet and our gardeners were so far behind with the bad spring they are still trying to catch up.  I hauled the power washer out of the shed and did it myself until it stopped working.  We need a new part that is not in stock.  My  daughter said I will bring you ours and she did and proceeded to wash the last section of deck.  Then it had to dry and I stained it in sections.  It looks really good.  I had to do this before I could all the planters out and plant them so I am really still behind.

This weekend my son and DIL are coming in from Minnesota for our daughter's oldest boys graduation from High School.  He heads off to the University of Illinois in Aug.  His Mother, Father, Uncle (from MN) and his great Grandpa Erickson all went to U of I. It is getting so hard to get into some of these schools but he really tried hard and had excellent grades so he made it.  We are proud of you Kyle.

We will be celebrating his graduation, Fathers Day, her middle boys birthday and her FILs birthday.  One big party plus  family friends.  It will be a big bash.

I wanted to show you the bridal bag I made along with Karen Ruane last Fall.   Karen's daughter was getting married in October and Karen made one for her and I just followed along.  No future bride yet but with 1 grandaughter and 5 grandsons someone will hopefully wear white and want it.  I had a great time making it.  Hundreds of French Knots, bullions and web stitches.  I have the pic where I had stretched it when the outside was completely finished.  I also made the lining out of silk and decorated all around the outside of it because when gathered that is what shows.  I finished it the day before I left for Florida but did not have time to take pics of the finished bag.  Here it is:

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mirror,Mirror on The Wall

There I was meandering around the flea market and then I spied the mirror.  I have always loved these old, etched mirrors.  I stopped, looked and then said NO Freda you don't need this.  On I went home and all the next week I thought about it.  I went back the next sunday and could not find the booth.  I stopped and talked to a vendor I know and he said oh I just saw one being loaded into  van about 2 spaces up.  I thought well you should have bought it when you had the chance.  I wandered up and said to the gal that I had looked at it and she said that could not have been mine because all I had was a dresser with a large mirror.

Around the market I went and there it was.  this time just a little bartering and it was mine.  A neighbor and her hubby helped me hang it in my bathroom.  That large wall needs something large.  I am very pleased every time I go in there and see it.  Now if I could only figure out how to photograph it without all the other stuff showing up in there including me.

Sunday, April 20, 2014



My little bunny above with the large egg is saying Happy Easter to you.  The egg has 4 sides to view.

I watched the tv show that featured Allie Aller and her sidekick and co-author Valerie Bothell of their new book out very soon. I believe you can pre-order it on Amazon.  What I have seen on the cover is wonderful and knowing them it will be just as good for the rest of the book.

 Valerie happened to be showing this egg she had made and I just had to make one.  I made up my own pattern and with a few starts and stops I ended up with my version.  t is roughly the same size as Valeries I think.  It was fun to do.

 I need a few more additions to it that I did not have in Florida and could not find around here.  I am so happy that we have a Hobby Lobby right near us now and no longer have to drive farther to a JoAnnes just for a spool of thread or other small things.

I have one of Gerry's beautiful painted rabbit buttons at home and will bring that back next Fall and attach.

This was a fun project and Valerie does sell her pattern on her web site.

Harv and I are having a quiet Easter.  No company.  I have a small turkey breast thawed and ready to cook.  I am going to make a egg custard pie for dessert.  Haven't made one of these in years.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


A few weeks ago I mentioned that and my new neighbour went out for a day of shopping.  Well this wedding gown was another item that came home with me.

It is a very pale off white and the material in the skirt is one of the nicest satins I have ever seen.  It might be silk  peau de soie.  I remember it was used extensively in wedding dresses going back probably in my time.  I found on Google they describe it as a very soft silk satin.