Saturday, December 11, 2010


Todays box is from Amanda DeLong. It is a very cute box and she very cleverly made the number 11 with the 2 tiny candy canes on the Christmas tree. She lined the inside of the box with the same paper and the present inside was a sweet little red bow with a gold tie already to be put onto something. Again different from the others.

We have had it extremely cold here all week. To keep it in perspective mid 50's daytime is still pretty good compared to what other parts of the country are experiencing. My son in Minneapolis phoned today and they already had 12 inches of snow with 6 or more expected and temps overnight to -13. I think high of 2 tomorrow. In view of that we are having pretty good weather. I just feel for the families that come down and want to go to the beach, go swimming in grandma's pool, etc. Too cold for that. It did warm up today to mid 60's and tomorrow to be the same then the frigid air is working its way down and next week is supposed to be worse then last week.
Lettuce, bean, corn and other crops have been affected and might have been okay if we did not have another freeze coming. There go prices up again next year.

I went to the flea market today and found a bunch of great things. I didn't have time to photograph them but will tomorrow and will show them.


Gina E. said...

I'm catching up on your blog after a few weeks absence, Freda, and as always you have have lots of eye candy and interesting news. Bear paw prints in your, I can't imagine how I would feel about that! Ken's been watching a few documentaries on Foxtel about bears lately, and the problems that occur when humans and bears meet unexpectedly. The worst we have to contend with is the occasional snake that ventures into someone's back yard!
Every blogger in the northern hemisphere seems to have snowy photos to show at the moment. We've had so much rain in most of Australia, that crops are ruined. The poor farmers have had their best crops in 10 years after the drought broke, but the rain just didn't stop. They've also had a locust plague to deal with...
Hope you and Harvey have a blessed Christmas.

maggi said...

Another lovely box. Hope that the weather doesn't get too bad for you.