Tuesday, December 7, 2010


One week has passed and it doesn't seem possible. Today's matchbox came over the big pond also. It was from Hope Griffin in the UK. It is another great one. Decorated as a present and with silver stars top and bottom. She decorated the inside with pretty paper and a heart. The gift is a snowflake charm with a tiny round snowman disk. Very cute.

I hung it on the rack and since one week has gone by I took a pic of the rack. It is two sided so once this side is filled I will be adding to the other side. Little mousie is hanging on the side until I need the space. Then will have to decide where he will go. I can't think of stuffing him back into that little box.

Sue, Jon and the boys arrived in Orlando and we went down this morning and picked up Sue & boys. Jon was at his meetings. we took them to IHOP for brunch as they had not had a big breakfast. We all ordered either pancakes with eggs & bacon or omelettes that were served with a side of 3 large pancakes. Well at the end we still had the 2 stacks of pancakes so into a box and home with me. Guess what we had for supper. I did have fresh strawberries so added them to the mix and now we are both stuffed. Harv had an omelet but I had pancakes so twice today. I will sure be putting on that weight I lost after surgery. It was cold but the sun was warm so we just wandered around and then took them back to the hotel around 3. They are going to Harry Potter at 5 I think. Will be anxious to see how they make out. Sue was a kindergarden teacher before the boys were born and she has always been a reader and read to the children. She has been reading to her boys since they were born. They are all voracious readers. Even Luke who has just turned 8 just finished the first 2 Harry Potter novels so he has a pretty good idea of what it is all about. Pretty great for a 2nd. grader.

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