Saturday, January 2, 2010

The cold weather that is covering the country has worked its way down to Florida. The daytime highs have been in the low 60's and down to the 40's and some areas 30's at night.
Well now they are saying for the next week the cold is hanging in there and we will be in the 50's for highs and 20's to 30's for lows. I brought in my ceramic birdbath because one year when we were up north there was water in a ceramic one and it must have frozen and we came back to a broken birdbath. I have covered up the 2 large pots at the front that have the grasses and pansies in them. They are both supposed to handle a fair bit of cold but I am taking no chances. I did cut a beautiful rose with 2 buds and brought it in just in case. Normally up north we have had roses into November so think they are pretty hard. I have about 6 in the back I didn't cover either so hope I am right. Time will tell. When I came in with the rose I said to Harv that down here I only have either very large vases or tiny ones. I looked over to the counter and there were 4 or 5 bottles I have been saving. My daughter and I found this one and a couple of others when she was here. We are going to make some altered bottles (is there such a thing). Well this one is heart shaped and when I put the rose in it it looked so pretty that now I have another vase. I took a pic of it.

I have been staying in and working on my quilt. I laid out all the large blocks on my cutting table and put a rectangular table from the garage in here also and I have laid embellishments, etc. on it. I do not work well doing block by block. I hop all over the place. I think of something for one block,do it and then hop over to something else. At least I am working on them again. I think this will be the end of the fairly large ones for me. I want to do other things and not have to feel guilty doing them thinking of an unfinished quilt.

Harv likes to go over to the nearby lakes and fish from the piers or walkways. Good way to get fresh air and sun plus he talks to the other fishermen. He went Thurs. afternoon and caught this one. He held it in one hand and snapped with the other as there was no one around. It is a speckled perch and pretty good size. He always does catch and release or will give to some other fisherman who will eat them.
First he doesn't know how to clean them and second I don't know how to cook them so catch and release is fine with us.


maggi said...

Sounds like you are battening down the hatches. Definitely sewing weather.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It just doesn't seem 'right' that you're getting cold weather. We rely on you to keep the rest of us warm!!

Plays with Needles said...

I just spoke with my Dad who is in Naples and he said the same thing...a little chilly down your way..but for a Canadian, I bet it's nothing to you!

I'm including some hearts in your winter wonderland package since now we're getting close to Valentine's day by the time you'll get it...I'm going to the post office tomorrow! I probably shouldn't do giveaways if I can't get myself to the post office to mail the prize!!!! Thank goodness you're an understanding soul. xo Susan

Cathy K said...

Hi Freda, sorry to hear about your cold, but I'd trade you any old time. :-) But having grown up in citrus groves in Southern California, I know those really cold snaps are NOT good for the fruit. Hey, I did some altered bottles in the fall of '08 and posted pictures on my blog (Nov 08, I think) if you want to get some ideas. I'm going to do some more before spring, too. Hugs, Cathy

Linda said...

I love the fish picture! Saw you on Nathalie's.