Thursday, January 28, 2010


The above pink and white transferware tureen, lid and server were found at the flea market at the Extravaganza weekend. I collect the Johnson Bros., England, English Castles red and white (some call it pink & white) transferware and when I saw this tureen my heart almost stopped. I didn't want to pick it up and look on the bottom for a name and a price but the gal came over and she picked it up. I saw then that it was made in Japan. So not english. So I could not tell without looking at the bottom. So if I couldn't tell no one else could either when it is sitting on my baker's rack in the house. She went down to $20.00 for it and even took a cheqe because I was almost out of money by that time. I guess I looked honest and she said she didn't want to take anything home and knew she would have to. A real Johnson Bros. tureen wold be much more if you could even find one. I also found a small bowl of the real thing and the man said $3.00 and I grabbed it. Someday I will have to stop buying or rent a space and that I wouldn't do. I go thru and give away pieces and things I don't really care for to resale charity shops. Helps both of us.


Gina E. said...

LOL!!! Thrift shopping has really taken off around the world in the past few years, hasn't it! But what a perfect way to recycle your stuff. When I think of what used to end up at council tips in years gone by, and nobody thought any more about it... Now, our local council goes through all the kerbside pickup stuff and resells most of it after they've had it cleaned up and fixed.
Recycling is so much more than saving metal, glass and paper!

Anonymous said...

Freda, this is one of my favorite transferware colors too - and the brown! They're getting harder to find, but like you, I don't care if they're new or old, repros or the real thing. If I like the pattern, that's enough for me!

Enjoy your finds!!!