Monday, January 18, 2010

Three times a year Renningers flea market has what they call an Extravaganza. November, January and February - the 3rd. weekend of the month. They say they have over 1000 dealers and it is the only time they charge to get in. Fri. 10.00, Sat. 6.00 and sun. 4.00. This is held at the antique end. the flea market end is also open and it is still free. I went over Sat. morning to pick up a few orchids. Mine all lasted until just around christmas then gave up their flowers. I was amazed at the amount of dealers on the flea market side. I had the time so I wondered around. I did get some really nice things and one I wanted to show you tonight is a hat covered with velvet pansies and small sprigs of flowers with buds and stamens. I could just picture them on a crazy quilt. The lady seemed impressed by the fact that it had a Stetson label on the inside. I did not know that Stetson made ladies hats also. Well I told her truthfully that I only wanted it for the flowers and she seemed fine with it. I always feel I should tell them if they seem to have a feeling for their product. I tell them that on lace pieces, fabric, etc. I have had a couple of times when they would not sell it when I have said I would only cut it up. So be it. I sat Sunday and pulled all the little sprigs and flowers off the hat. They were glued on so came off easy. I paid 16.00 for the hat which is more then I usually would pay but when I saw all I got for it I feel it was worth it.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Amazing how you can get so much good stash from something as ugly as that hat (well, maybe I shouldn't say its ugly's just that I hate hats). The flowers are gorgeous and will be beautiful on a cq piece.

gocrazywithme said...

I believe my grandmothers had hats like that for Easter. I doubt they were Stetsons.