Friday, January 22, 2010

We had to have our sprinkler system checked today as my neighbour woke up at 2.30 am yesterday and thought it was pouring rain. Then she got up to go to the bathroom and looked out - no rain. She got a flashlight and went outside and saw 2 of our sprinkler heads gushing water straight up. We called and they came today and yep we needed 2 new heads. Might have been from the cold weather or more then likely from the huge mowers the lawn service use. They are the size of jeeps. Thank goodness she heard it as we would never know what was happening at 2.30 am as our bedroom is on the far side of the house. We are allowed to only water once a week now and they stagger our times in the night so we aren't all at the same time.

I did take a picture of Allie's pretty card and the beautiful brooch she made for me. You will notice that she did as I had mentioned the other day sing 4 mm ribbon in the middle with the regular needle then doing the larger ribbon with the large needle around the outside. I think it makes a beautiful flower.
We are going out to dinner tonight so I think I will wear it. Thank you again Allie.

Quilting Arts are having a sale of their DVD's and you can download them for a very good price or if you want the DVD can order them but that entails higher price and shipping. I picked out one and downloaded it and sat for an hour this afternoon watching a gal make an art quilt with various types of leaves, embellishments, etc. It is like taking a class - you always learn something but I actually learned a lot from this. It was only $4. something so was less then a magazine and now I have it on the compter to watch anytime. I am going on there again and order a few more when I get a chance. The sale ends sunday.

Don't forget the project Deb Spincic has making pillowcases in dark or patterned fabric for the men in Iraq or Afganistan. She has asked me if I will let the gals in this area send them to me then I can send 25 in a priority box. I said I would so if anyone out there wants to contribute I will give you my address in an email.
They will be mailed at the end of Feb. I am going to go to JoAnnes and buy some valentine material with hearts, love, etc. and make some of them up.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sorry to hear about your sprinklers...that's upsetting when you think of the water useage. Love your brooch...Allie does such wonderful work & I know you'll wear it with pride.

Debra said...

Pretty brooch from Allie!

I hear you on the sprinkler woes--we had a valve freeze last week and burst open. Our neighbor also discovered it and by the time we got out to it, the sideyard was flooded. Luckily, Wes can fix it so we'll avoid a repair bill. It's one thing or another!

Thanks for the Operation Pillowcase plug!