Friday, January 15, 2010


Debra Spincic of has just set up a new blog for pillowcases to be made by us for a battalion of soldiers in Iraq. She needs 50 and is asking us to sign on for making 2 each and apparently dark colored prints or dark solids are preferred because of the washing problem. Some soldiers hang them up and pin pictures of their family on them. Come on gals let us help Deb make the 50 mark.

She has set up a new blog: where you can sign up. Wouldn't it be great if we could find a pin-up girl fabric for them? Start looking. I will give a prize to the first one to sign up and find a great pin-up fabric.

I am sorry but you will have to copy and paste the links as I cannot get them to highlight.


Debra said...

you are a sweetheart!

Maggie R said...

what a great idea. Here in Canada we have been making quilts fot eh wounded soldiers. Pillowcases would be great.

Teresa said...

I'm making pillowcases to. I think it's a wonderful idea!! Here are some pinup girls fabrics...
I used the Camo girl fabric to make pillowcases for my Marine son. He loved them I hope this link works. Happy Sewing