Saturday, January 16, 2010

I thought I had better come back and tell you we have a winner. Teresa gave me a lead on where to buy pin-up fabric and I could just see a bunch of these young soldiers loving any of these fabrics. She has a son who is a marine and she made some for him out of the camoflague girlie material. The company is: By the way she has a very patriotic family - family who are either in the service now or have been. Very impressive. Told Teresa I said a prize and never thought what it would be. I don't think she is a crazy quilter so must think of something appropriate for her.

I also must tell you about a wonderful giveaway that Tristan from is having on his blog. I read about him on Magpies Mumblings blog and he is a very interesting fella. Went back and read some of his posts. Go on over and join in.

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