Thursday, January 14, 2010


We have finally started to warm up. I took the wraps off the 2 large pots in the front and both the grasses and the surrounding pansies were fine. The grass was bent right over but I watered them well today and fluffed them up some with my hands and I think they will be standing up in a couple of days. It actually made it into the 70's today. 73 to be exact. Harv and I went over to the flea market this morning to stock up on fruits and vegetables and the place was jammed. You had to wait for someone to pull out before we could get a parking spot. The thing I noticed was not one seller having any strawberries. With the cold they were spraying water on all the plants to freexe the tops to stop the frost from killing the plants. Sounds funny but apparently it works. They did not do any picking so will probably be another week or so before they appear again. Before this I had bought a half flat of gorgeous tasting large berries for $7.00. We have them for lunch, made a strawberry & rhubarb pie and there are still some in the tupperware container. I have found that if you immediately put them in airtight containers and throw in a paper towel to absorb the water that generally collects on the lids they will stay for ages. There also appeared to be a shortage of oranges - again I think a picking problem. There was grapefruit but probably out of storage. I thik it was so crowded becase 1 - the snowbirds are down after Christmas thru april and 2 - people like us wanted to get out and get the sun and the air from the best day in a couple of weeks.

I received 2 more books today from Amazon. I received Ann Cox's A-Z of ribbon embroidery and a beading book my friend Susan from called The Beaded Garden by Diane fitzgerald. If you read Susan's blog it was for the leaves that she has made recently came from this book and if you do not read her blog you are missing one of the top blogs on the web. Go check her out and go back a day or two and see the different leaves she has beaded. You may find yourself spending an hour or two going back to view her beautiful things she has made. Not just beading either.

Tomorrow I will take pics of all the new books I received and give you my opinion on them.

My neighbour next door has a grapefruit tree and it was just covered in fruit which she shared with all of us every year. She told me this afternoon all the fruit was frozen and she will have to pull it all off and throw it away. Come to think of it I will call her and tell her I will help her remove and dispose of it. What a shame.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

What a shame for sure. It's hard to believe all the weather-related changes in the world right now. Scary! Glad to hear you've warmed up somewhat.

maggi said...

Glad that things are warming up for you. Our snow is starting to taw but it is still bitterly cold.