Saturday, January 30, 2010


Diane Knott is an artist of considerable ability and fame in her line of greeting cards and designing fabrics. I have read her blog: and she mentioned wanting to try some silk ribbon embroidery. I had a Bucilla silk ribbon video around here so sent it to her with some bits of ribbon. Well on Thurs. night after we got back from having dinner with old friends I found her package in the mail. It consisted of one of her lovely brooches fastened to a tag she had made to put her pins on for when she sells them. She also sent me 3 of her beautiful cards she designs and a package of recipe cards. She probably has peeked into my recipe drawer here and seen the mess of paper and scribbles. At home I have a long wooden box filled with cards that go back since we were first married but I am not that organized down here. See something I like and it is rip. Also she sent me a beautiful tag she made and if you look closely you can see a dragonfly on it. I hope I got that in the picture.

Went to JoAnns again yesterday and had 2 - 50% off coupons. Well almost everything was on sale so used one on sewing machine needles and the other on another book - I know I should stop buying them but for 1/2 price of 12.50 I got a great one. The somerset magazines are 14.99 and only less 10% most of the time now so it is cheaper to buy a book - or at least that is how I justify it. I took pics and I will blog about it tomorrow after I have had a chance to read it more. I took pics today of it and some other things so all set there.


Diane said...

My pleasure, Freda! Your kindness in sending me the video and ribbons and thread AND needles was very sweet!

Blessings to you! With hugs!

Debra said...

Pretty Items!

Looks like JoAnns has you hooked with their coupons! *wink*

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love how all the goodies are colour coordinated! You get to use more than one coupon at Joannes? Wow..Michaels here certainly won't allow that.

Carol in Clermont said...

I get such a charge out of your shopping escapades! Can't wait to see that doll book. Hugs, Carol