Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today my hubby and I went to the show for the first time in years. With Harv in a wheelchair the first couple of times we went to the show we were put right at the front - about 3rd. row and between the noise and staring straight up at the picture after which I would have a sore neck or vertigo we decided the show was not for us. We would watch TV or rent DVD's. My neighbour had told me that the show in Sanford had seats removed on the aisle throughout the theatre for wheelchairs. Well we were pleasantly surprised and sat near the back and it was great. Now we will be able to enjoy more shows.

When I read they were making a film about Queen Victoria based on her early life and filmed in England I just knew I had to see it. If we had been in Chicago my daughter and I would have gone but there was not much interest in the gals around here. Growing up in Canada we spent as much time on English history as we did on Canada & the US. I was always fascinated with England and English history and read many a book about the British monarchy. I could rattle of all the dates of battles, Kings, Queens, etc. but don't test me now. My Mother was born in England so that was another tie there. My daughter went to Bath, England as an exchange student and her roomate was a gal from the Isle of Wight. Harv went over on business and I went with and visited our daughter. Her roomates parents invited us to bring the girls and go the Isle of Wight for a long weekend. That is where Queen Victoria had her summer home and apparently wehere she spent a lot of time after Albert's death. We visited the home and I was hoping there would be some of it in the picture but there was not.

It started with Victoria as a young girl then skipped quickly until she was almost 18when her uncle died and she actually became Queen of England. She reigned the longest of any monarch. I believe it was 63 years. I think our presnt Queen Elizabeth may beat that if she stays in good health.

The costuming was absolutely gorgeous, All those beautiful fabrics, ribbons, laces, etc. to die for. Also the story of Victoria and Albert was a true love story. The movie ended before his death but they made reference to it and said that until the day she died she had a valet lay out his clothes every day. They had 9 children and he died at age 42 while she lived until she was 81 and spent all that time in mourning him.

I guess from the above you can tell that I really enjoyed this movie. Apparently Sarah Ferguson was involved very much in the making of this and used her royal connections to obtain royal locations for filming. When it opens you see the royal guards in the scarlet uniforms and black fur busby hats. My Mother had a brother, my uncle H
arry who was a Royal Guard before the family emigrated to Canada and he became a policeman in Toronto and ended up a detective until an early death of a heart attack in his 50's. Just a little family history for my kids to read.


Carol in Clermont said...

Johnson Bros castles was my mom's pattern...all dishes disappeared somewhere unfortunately. Went to see Victoria too...Woody saw something else...loved it immensely...just a wonderful story!If not before we'll have to do the Lake Quilters Show in March.

Plays with Needles said...

First of all, it took me a while to figure out that the "show" you were referring to was the movies!! *grin

This movie sounds like it is right up my alley. I cannot wait to see it. I hadn't even heard about it so I'm off to check our newspaper though I will probably wait until it is out on DVD. I'm like that...